Two Kinds of Truth Audiobook by Michael Connelly [Download]

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Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly

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Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly is a thriller mystery novel. When the plot opens, Bosch is investigating the case of Esme Tavares, who disappeared suddenly, leaving behind her baby in the cot. Nothing since has been heard of her. The investigation continues but soon Bosch has more pressing problems and the past comes back to haunt him. He investigated the Danielle Skylar murder case thirty years ago.

The investigations led to the conclusion that Preston Borders was guilty of the crime. He was sentenced to death. Bosch is notified by the authorities that due to technological advancement, they have got evidence that DNA match of the victim points to another criminal. This implies that Preston Borders will be set free and his attorney has filed petition claiming that Bosch had planted evidence to ensure Borders was convicted.

During this chaos, a pharmacist duo is murdered inside their pharmacy shop. The authorities call Bosch for helping the three detectives on the job crack the case. When he digs deeper into investigation he comes to know that the murder was not part of robbery, rather it was planned hit. He also discovers that the pharmacy was a part in the larger drugs scandal. Harry Bosch decides to go undercover as a drug addict to make progress in the investigation and unearth the truth. His experience of working on the other side of law makes some interesting reading.


Two Kinds of Truth by Michael Connelly is an intriguing and captivating read. The author does a commendable job of weaving the multiple plots together and making them move forward swiftly. The characters have been expertly plotted and developed in the storyline and each character has important contributions to the plot.

The plot is swift moving and full of unexpected twists and turns. The readers will be engaged by the compact plot and their interest level will not sag till the climax. The multiple storyline does not interfere with the progress of each other, rather each one compliments the overall narrative and plot. This is an expertly written thriller novel and will give the chills to the readers. This is a highly recommended read.

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