Voyager Audiobook by Diana Gabaldon [Free Download by Trial]

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Voyager by Diana Gabaldon

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Voyager Audiobook by Daina Gabaldon is the third book in the Outlander series. The story opens with Jamie Fraser in the battlefield of Culloden in 1745. Jamie survives the battle, while for many years Claire Randall thought that her husband died in the battle after her time travel and return to the 20th century. Claire now lives happily with her daughter Brianna who has become a physician. When Claire and Brianna learn that Jamie is alive, they seek the help of Roger Wakefield, a competent historian to find the historical record of Jamie.

Roger helps them locate Jamie some 200 years back in time. He located Jamie working in a printshop in the year 1766. Claire is caught between traveling back in time to meet Jamie and being with her daughter in her present life. Finally, Claire decides to time travel back in 1766 to meet Jamie and her decision is supported by Brianna also. She meets Jamie and they get reunited again. However, Claire realizes that lot has changed in the life of Jamie since she last met him.

Jamie has now become a dangerous smuggler. Jamie’s nephew Ian has been captured by the pirates of the Carribean. Jamie and Claire decide to chase Ian and rescue him. Their adventure to save Ian takes them a long way away from the Scottish highlands. Claire also learns that Jamie married again when she was gone and has two stepdaughters. On their adventurous journey, Jamie and Claire met many new people and have different experiences.

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Voyager Audiobook by Daina Gabaldon keeps the readers engaged with its fast-paced twists and turns. The plot progresses without stalling and is full of romance, adventure, and mystery. The characters of Jamie and Claire and their love for each other across time and different events has been beautifully captured by the author. Each character is fleshed out properly and has a role to play in the plot and makes the story go forward.

The author portrays the event of Jamie and Claire meeting after 20 years and getting reacquainted with each other and Claire discovering Jamie’s past when she was gone in a mature manner. Voyager- the final book in the Outlander series captures the tender moments between Jamie and Claire in a breathtaking manner. The unconditional love between the protagonists stands out. This is a fitting final installment to a classic novel series and is a recommended read.

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