Whiskey Beach Audiobook by Nora Roberts [Free Download by Trial]

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Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts

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Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts is a romantic suspense book. Eli Landon the protagonist in the novel has been accused of murdering his wife Lindsay. There was no significant evidence to arrest him but Eli lost his job due to this episode. He also lost his friends and acquaintances due to intense public scrutiny of his case. The media and the police had hounded Eli for a long time trying to prove him guilty of murder and this harassment on their part had a negative effect on him.

Eli’s grandmother Hester suffers an almost fatal car accident after which he moves to his London family home, Bluff House in the Whiskey Beach. Eli plans to write his book during his stay at the Bluff House. He comes across Abra Walsh his grandmother’s caretaker who saved her life also. Hester entrusts Abra with Eli’s welfare. However, Eli is hurt and his behavior is hostile. His behavior only strengthens Abra’s will to help him out as she has had a troubled past and knows the feeling of being hurt.

With Abra’s efforts, Eli begins to feel better and his psychological scars slowly start to heal. A romantic relationships starts to bloom between both of them. Just as things were shaping up well and Eli was moving forward in his life leaving the past behind, tragic incidences occur again. There are occurrences of burglary, assault and later a murder also. Eli is again trapped in the similar experiences of police investigations related to murder and crimes. How Eli copes with this unfortunate occurrence and who actually did kill Lindsay form the remainder of the plot.


Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts received positive reviews. The author develops the characters of Eli and Abra nicely. The trauma experienced by Eli has been depicted in a realistic manner and the readers can experience his pain and suffering. Roberts has also portrayed the character of Abra with her troubled past and the manner in which she helps Eli in details.

The romance between Eli and Abra along with the warmth of their feelings has been captured beautifully. The plot is compact and the readers will be hooked till the climax. This is a recommended read, especially for Nora Roberts fans.