Dad Is Fat Audiobook by Jim Gaffigan [Free Download by Trial]

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Dad Is Fat by Jim Gaffigan

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Dad Is Fat audiobook by Jim Gaffigan is the first book by the popular comedian Jim Gaffigan. The book is based on his experiences and perils of raising his five children in New York. The title of his book is drawn from a sentence scrawled in messy, childish handwriting by one of his sons.

The author goes on to share his trials and triumphs of raising his five children in a two-bedroom apartment in New York along with his wife Jeanie. Gaffigan goes on to say that he did not have any training or instincts on being a father and raising children. The book is a collection of sixty short essays on the subjects which range from pregnancy from a husband’s point of view to other finer nuisances of child rearing.

Most of the essays in his book seem like responses to some of the most common questions which people ask the author about his family. People also ask whether he and his wife are done with having children. The author also shares how many parents feel the nagging guilt as they are unable to meet the high expectations of other or sometimes of their own. Gaffigan says that no matter how hard one tries, they can always do better as a parent. The author also claims that each of his children and raising them has made him into a better person. The author also says that the book is not a guide on raising children as he himself is quite novice in this.


Dad Is Fat audiobook by Jim Gaffigan provides nice insight into the family of Jim Gaffigan and the experiences which he went through while raising his five children. The book is light-hearted and Gaffigan deals with most of the subjects in a witty and humorous manner. The book also highlights the author’s passion and commitment towards being a good parent.

The book does not have a storyline or deeper depths to delve into, however, the joys of parenting expressed in a lovely manner by the author will appeal to the readers. The book is a highly recommended read for the fans of Jim Gaffigan and people interested in reading the joys of parenting.

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