Star Wars Audiobooks List in Chronological Order [2018]

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Star Wars Audio Books List in Chronological Order

Star Wars Audiobooks List in Chronological Order — is a perfect chance to get to know one of the most exciting story about the empire in the galaxy far away from our Earth. For the first time readers were acquainted with the novel in 1976 and since April 2014 the era of canon began. Every story, released earlier is considered a legend and canon represents novels that fit in the timeline set up by films and combined with them. These audiobooks became the best not only in the UK and United States, but won attention of many readers worldwide as well as positive critical acclaims. Their popularity grew during 2017 and continues nowadays.

The narration introduces listeners with Darth Bane who was a Human Dark Lord of the Sith. He got through the Jedi-Sith war and remained alive. But after the destruction of the Sith Bane organized the Rule of Two, who aimed to start a secret complot to ruin the Jedi.

It’s hard to find a full mp3 or other streaming on YouTube, but unlike Amazon here you have a wonderful opportunity to download two audiobooks for free by Audible Free Trial. All audiobooks correspond to release dates. American voice actor Marc Thompson became a narrator for Star Wars audiobooks and recorded them in collaboration with the Random House.

If you are new with Star Was stories it could be challenging where to start, especially if you want to listen to new stories connected with movies. As the new films include new characters and obviously not everyone has a desire to start from the first book in chrological order, our short description will help you to navigate. Listening order could be preferred by yourself. Additional useful information could be found on wiki page and wikia as well as Reddit.

Below you can see the list of Star Wars audiobooks by release date:

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Book 1

Terry Brooks (Author), Alexander Adams (Narrator)

The book was written by talented Terry Brooks, who knows everything about supplying his stories with rich details for capturing reader’s attention. This is a beginning of a breathtaking storytelling about the good and the evil. You’ll delve into a world full of magic and myths when the power is the main desire.

Story set into the areas unable to support growth in the space. Listeners have a perfect chance to imagine underwater towns and the tiniest space depths as clear as his own homeland. This story won the recognition of millions fans. It returns to time when everything began in order to show its disguised origin. The first book is the beginning of an exciting legend based on George Lucas screenplay.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Book 2

R.A. Salvatore (Author), Jonathan Davis (Narrator)

Devilish and determined Anakin Skywalker is already adult. He is extremely brave and his life is full of major changes. 19-year-old student of Obi-Wan Kenobi represents a mystery for the Jedi Council. At the same time he is a threat for his master. Nothing has changes with Anakin’s strong desire to success and he is as independent as he always was. After ten years he meets Senator Padme Amidala again and it’s clear that the feelings to an attractive diplomat remained the same. Senator was attacked and the situation in the Republic is even more disastrous. Masters Yoda together with Mace Windu feel huge worriedness. Despite the Republic, #Anakin and Padme feelings are so deep that Anakin forgets about his loyalty to the Order and his way.

Confusion and disorder overfill the Force. Disagreement and opposition grow and develop from sparkle skyscape of Coruscant to overgrown fields and patios in peaceful Naboo. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was a leader of the Republic during ten years, but in spite of this fact it meets the disaster. He failed with the task to rescue the regime and keep power in hand of the authority. Members of the Senate desperately disagree between each other and there is a threat from separatists, who are ready to start a war. What to do to avoid a galactic pandemonium? You’ll find out listening to audiobook.

Catalyst (Star Wars): A Rogue One Novel

Catalyst (Star Wars): A Rogue One Novel

Book 3

James Luceno (Author), Jonathan Davis (Narrator)

Another exciting #StarWars audiobook, which makes you delve into the world of space battles. Catalyst represents a prequel to the forthcoming movie. It shows the events before everything started. You will listen about events of the story which hadn’t been told before. Refused to obey rebels will put all their efforts and powers to ruin the Death Star intentions.

Dark Disciple: Star Wars

Dark Disciple: Star Wars

Book 4

Christie Golden (Author), Katie Lucas (Foreword) (Author), Marc Thompson (Narrator)

This is a new story which is focused on Asajj Ventress. She is an ex-student of the Sith, who became one of the greatest evil persons among all Star Wars characters. The book is based on the part of Star Wars The Clone Wars that hasn’t been produced.

The one and only way to win the most dangerous warrior among all the Sith is to collaborate with the dark side. The war aimed to bring a galactic control begins. The Republic struggles with the dark side. Lord Count Dooku is ruthless and powerful. In spite of the Jedi powers and skills, there are huge loses. The Republic is decisive to fight #Dooku and gain a victory, but it’s not easy. They deside to combine forces of Knight Quinlan Vos and Sith acolyte Asajj Ventress.

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Book 5

Matthew Stover (Author), Jonathan Davis (Narrator)

This book has become a critical juncture of the whole Star Wars saga. It’s been years of civil war. The Republic is exhausted and almost destroyed. The Senate is based on #Coruscant. They keep an eye on how Palpatine destructively deprives constitutional liberties. He does this in order to protect the Republic.

To achieve the Jedi Council control Yoda together with Mace Windu and Masters struggle against the disquieting move of Palpatine. The one and only person, who is considered the Chosen One, is Anakin. And his destiny is to save the situation and achive balance. At the same time his own fear is that the love of hislife Padme could die.

Star Wars: Ahsoka

Star Wars: Ahsoka

Book 6

E. K. Johnston (Author), Ashley Eckstein (Narrator)

There was a huge interest among Star Wars lovers concerning what was with Ahsoka. We didn’t know anything about the vents between her leaving the Jedi Order when the Clone Wars was almost ended and she came back in the role of a secret insurgent influential Fulcrum. This part highlights her own story.

After Ahsoka’s involvement with the Jedi and the destruction of Order 66, she is not sure that she has a power of something bigger. Nevertheless, she wants to struggles against the Empire’s evils. #Ahsoka is ready to stand against enemies and guard from harm those who needs it. And Ahsoka follows her path directly to Bail Organa. There her story with the Rebel Alliance starts.

Lords of the Sith: Star Wars

Lords of the Sith: Star Wars

Book 7

Paul S. Kemp (Author), Jonathan Davis (Narrator)

One more marvelous story about the galaxy where the Emperor together with Darth Vader are in hard situation because of the actions of rebels. The only thing they can is to trust each other and depend on their viciousness. Anakin Skywalker together with Jedi Knight left in past. The power in Darth Vader’s arms. He convinced everyone in his devotedness to the dark side. Hovewer, the Sith Orden story is all about deception, dishonesty and unfaithfulness. And the real scope of loyalty and devotion by Vader has yet to be taken. Till these days…

Cham Syndulla is a leader of resistance movement on Ryloth. He is ready to struggle for freedom. But the Emperor #Palpatine ready to throw all the forces to mute the uprising. And Darth Vader takes care this desire to be fulfilled.

Tarkin: Star Wars

Tarkin: Star Wars

Book 8

James Luceno (Author), Euan Morton (Narrator)

A fascinating story which leads you in the well-known galactic world, but full of new characters. Moff Tarkin was born is honorable family and has become a loyal soldier. He is a dedicated advocate of the Republic and a dependable friend of the Jedi Order. #Tarkin is a governor and moves forward to implement his ruthless and become the main dominant. His beat advice for the Emperor is to govern through apprehension of force. When the Death Star is finished, Takin is assured that it’s time to do away with separatists. And this must be done by means of terrifying or utter destruction.

Star Wars: Rebel Rising

Star Wars: Rebel Rising

Book 9

Beth Revis (Author), Rebecca Soler (Narrator)

Bath Revis succeeded in bringing to life breathtaking scenes of risky or unexpected undertaking by Jyn Erso, who became known thanks to the film #Rogue One.

She was left alone at the age of 5, when her mum was killed and her dad was forced to be a servant for the Empire. However, she has a support. Saw Gerrera has a strong desire to oppose tyranny and is ready to fight against the Empire. Gerrera helps Erso not just with having home, but made her a real rebel. Jyn is dedicated to her goal and is loyal to her man. But how far she could go together with other soldiers? After an awful betrayal she all of her world was almost destroyed. But she finds power to define what she really cares and who Jyn can count on.

Thrawn (Star Wars)

Thrawn (Star Wars)

Book 10

by Timothy Zahn (Author), Marc Thompson (Reader)

The whole story of galaxy battles makes listeners to hold their breath and feel like they are a part of Star Wars. And this audiobook is as much exciting as previous ones. #Thrawn represents a final novel. Amazing storytelling which opens the veil about Thrawn. You will listen about the way Thrawn came to power. It is a story about one of the most recognizable villains.

Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars)

Thrawn: Alliances (Star Wars)

Book 11

Timothy Zahn (Author), Marc Thompson (Narrator)

Would you like to see a team of #DarthVader and Grand Admiral Thrawn? In this audiobook such collaboration is depicted as a way to struggle a threat against the Empire. Timothy Zahn made everything possible to show all villains’ sides. The existence of such threat is nothing like a glimmer, but no one could predict its consequences. The Emperor wants to organize an investigation and who could be better that those two evils. There is some doubt whether they can join their forces, but the Emperor is assured in the success as he remembers that they have already collaborated together.

Who’s against the Empire? Long ago Anakin Skywalker cross his path with Mitth’raw’nuruodo. This time they form an alliance for their future on the planet, where two leaders fought side by side.

A New Dawn: Star Wars

A New Dawn: Star Wars

Book 12

John Jackson Miller (Author), Marc Thompson (Narrator)

The first Star Wars novel created in collaboration with the Lucasfilm Story Group, Star Wars: A New Dawn is set during the legendary “Dark Times” between Episodes III and IV and tells the story of how two of the lead characters from the animated series Star Wars Rebels first came to cross paths. Featuring a foreword by Dave Filoni.

There is a new start after the war is finished. Separatists lost and the Jedi rebels were defeated. The #Jedi Knights were aimed to bring peace as well as the order to the Galactic Republic over the years. The Force, mystical energy, helped them to succeed in this task. After the betrayal they had to pay an awful price. The Age of Empire starts. Now the Empire leader Palpatine rules the world. In spite of the fact that Palpatine starts to tighten his iron grasp, there are those who question his authority.

Star Wars: Lost Stars

Star Wars: Lost Stars

Book 13

Claudia Gray (Author), Pierce Cravens (Narrator)

If you are looking to a young adult literature to listen to, there is no a better option that this one. Gripping story highlights the events in the galaxy starting from the Rise of rebels and finishing with days when the Empire falls. It could be possible to get to know the adventures through the eyes of Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell. They are friends from a period of being young and their destiny is to become on opposite sides. One became an officer of the Empire and other is a pilot of the Rebellion. What to expect from these lovers? Will they make up when meet again or follow their duties?

Battlefront: Twilight Company: Star Wars

Battlefront: Twilight Company: Star Wars

Book 14

Alexander Freed (Author), Jonathan Davis (Narrator)

Every fan of a video game called Star Wars: #Battlefront was waiting for this audiobook. Delve yourself into a gripping adventure. You will be able to listen about a squad of soldiers in the galaxy. The war goes on. And the soldiers were captured in the entrenchments. Who will be a winner in the galactic battle between the good and the evil? Find out choosing out-of-this-world story.

A novel that ties in to a video game based on a sprawling sci-fi franchise shouldn’t be this good.


Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi Leia, Princess of Alderaan

Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi Leia, Princess of Alderaan

Book 15

Claudia Gray (Author), Saskia Maarleveld (Narrator)

The main purpose of Princess Leia Organa is to become a formal heir of Alderaan throne. And for this goal she is required to put to a test her body and mind as well as her heart. To succeed in this task 16-year-old girl joins severe survival preparation, improves her knowledge in politics and is in charge of missions aimed to help the worlds which controlled by the Empire. #Leia has some concerns about her crown and the throne. They start acting weird and it seems they are more disturbed about meeting with their friends in the Senate than to be with daughter. Leia wants to find out what are her parents’ secrets and she follows an extremely dangerous path.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Cobalt Squadron

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cobalt Squadron

Book 16

Elizabeth Wein (Author), Kelly Marie Tran (Narrator)

What to expect from the New York Times bestselling author than a fantastic story that holds your breath?! Elizabeth Wein prepared a fascinating journey to far away galaxies, where the battles continue. In this book you will listen about dangerous adventure of brave bomber pilots. You’ll find out about Cobalt Squadron professionals.

Evil is ascendant. The Resistance — an intrepid, multi-everything group whose leaders include a battle-tested woman warrior — has been fighting the good fight for years but is outnumbered and occasionally outmaneuvered.

From review by Manohla Dargis for The New York Times.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Book 17

Alexander Freed (Author), Jonathan Davis (Narrator)

Would you like to go beyond the movie and find out more about Star Wars story? This audiobook is exactly what you need. Dive into the world where all power belongs to the Empire. And disturbing rumors could be heard in all places in the galaxy. The Rebellion finds out that the Empire has a nasty plot intended to enslave the whole world.

The treat is too big and the weapon is frightening. A group of allies is going to struggle the Empire. Jyn Erso, Jyn Erso, Bodhi Rook, Baze Malbus, Chirrut Îmwe, K-2SO has a hope to bring a victory to the Rebellion. Just what they need is to catch Empire’s intentions concerning new arm.

Star Wars: A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy

Star Wars: A New Hope: The Princess, the Scoundrel, and the Farm Boy

Book 18

Alexandra Bracken (Author), Marc Thompson and Rebecca Soler (Narrator)

Alexandra Bracken offers to plunge into the world, where a new fight to defeat villains who threatens the whole galaxy is expected.

The war continues. The #Rebellion managed to win few fights, but their hope is disappearing. The Empire has a new plan. They have almost created a huge weapon called the Death Star. And it will be something awful no one has seen before. The Rebel Alliance puts all their hopes on a princess together with a farm boy as well as scoundrel. Listen to a story, where the paths of Princess Leia cross with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. It will be a thrilling storytelling you won’t forget.

Battlefront II: Inferno Squad (Star Wars)

Battlefront II: Inferno Squad (Star Wars)

Book 19

Christie Golden (Author), Janina Gavankar (Narrator)

The Death Star scheme for future actions was stolen embarrassingly and the battle station was destroyed. Take into account this fact, the Empire is in hard situation. To cope with this failure the one thing Imperial Navy could do is to create a team of first-class soldiers. They became known as Inferno Squad. It was set an initial goal for this warriors to destroy the rest partisans of Saw Gerrera.

Despite the fact that partisans’ commander-in-chief was dead, they continue their activity purposed to oppose the Empire. Their aim is to demonstrate that their team is the best and destroy the Partisans. But the situation becomes more dangerous. What will Inferno Squad do to guarantee the Empire’s security.

Star Wars: Smuggler's Run: A Han Solo Adventure

Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run. A Han Solo Adventure

Book 20

Greg Rucka (Author), Marc Thompson (Narrator)

This book of Star Wars depicts a new collaboration between well-known characters Han Solo together with Chewbacca the Wookie. You’ll listen about new exciting adventures in a galaxy far away. The storytelling describes the period between two other parts A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. It will show the events where bootleggers engaged. They are engaged into a secret mission organized by the Rebellion. This audiobook will be acclaimed both by old Star Wars devotees and new lovers of galactic battles.

Heir to the Jedi: Star Wars

Heir to the Jedi: Star Wars

Book 21

Kevin Hearne (Author), Marc Thompson (Narrator)

A perfect narrator Marc Thomson knows an ideal way to excite his listeners with a brand-new breathtaking story about the adventures in a far-away galaxy. In this book it was described the events between Star Wars: New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The story was written from main character Luke Skywalker. After the Death Star was destroyed he became a leader of the Rebellion. He’s in charge of the main struggle against the Empire. He fights together with Princess Leia and Admiral Ackbar. The storytelling shows us how highly-skilled pilot he is.

The Empire found a gifted alien cryptography specialist, who has a power to ruin the best systems of communication. They want to use her for achieving their goals. But she is ready to join the Rebels Alliance in order to be reunited with people she carries about.

Star Wars: The Weapon of the Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure

Star Wars: The Weapon of the Jedi

Book 22

Jason Fry (Author), Jonathan Davis (Narrator)

Jason Fry introduces a new Star Wars novel where thrilling Skywalker’s adventures are awaiting for listeners. In this book it was described the events between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Together with C-3PO and R2-D2 Luke appears on an unknown planet. You’ll hold your breath while Skywalker is having a hazardous battle with an unfamiliar villain. The book involves information and evidences concerning the forthcoming movie The Force Awakens.

Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Legends of Luke Skywalker

Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Legends of Luke Skywalker

Book 23

Ken Liu (Author), January LaVoy (Narrator)

Without any doubts Star Wars fans consider stories about the main hero the most engaging and thrilling. Dive into the galactic world with astonishing adventures of Luke Skywalker. Listeners find themselves into Canto Bight where the story about the leader of the Jedi will be told. Stories about his battles could be heard in all parts of the galaxy. Find out whether everything known about his fearlessness and courageous behavior is true or just one more fairy-tale.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to Be a Jedi?

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: So You Want to Be a Jedi?

Book 24

Adam Gidwitz (Author), Marc Thompson (Narrator)

Autumn, 2015 has become one of the most awaited time for supporters of a well-known saga. Narrated by Marc Thomson this is a new part of adventures in a far-away galaxy created by a highly acclaimed NYT bestselling author. It will be a new experience for every listener. It is a new Star Wars story about the confrontation between good and evil. Adventures are highlighted in the traditional style for Star Wars books.

Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure (Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars - The Force Awakens)

Star Wars: Moving Target. A Princess Leia Adventure

Book 25

Cecil Castellucci, Jason Fry (Author), January LaVoy (Narrator)

Cecil Castellucci together with Jason Fry succeeded in creating an amazing upper-middle grade novel. New Star Wars book depicts enchanting adventures of a Princess Leia. In this book it was described the events between The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of The Jedi. Listeners will hear stories about the experience and trips of a strong fighter Leia. Brave Princess is a leader of the Rebellion in their fight against The Empire. The book involves information and evidences concerning the forthcoming movie The Force Awakens. The return of Princess Leia won’t leave anyone indifferent.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side!

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Beware the Power of the Dark Side!

Book 26

Tom Angleberger (Author), Marc Thompson (Narrator)

Fascinating adventure by renowned Tom Angleberger. The author, well-known as acclaimed by New York Times, represents a new piece of saga. The confrontation between good and evil continues and it’s going really strong. The Jedi struggle against the Evil Galactic Empire is described in such way that every listener could feel himself among the events.

Aftermath: Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Aftermath: Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Book 27

Chuck Wendig (Author), Marc Thompson (Narrator)

The Force Awakens depicts a brand-new turn of events. The leader of the Empire is dead. The second Death Star is ruined. You’ll listen about the Rebellion’s winning. However, it’s not the end. They still have to fight for freedom. The rebels created a New Republic when the Empire is experiencing terrible losses. But the events in far-away planet Akiva are about to change the whole situation.

The pilot Wedge Antilles observes how the enemies of Alliance become gathering there, but he was caught and hasn’t got an opportunity to inform New Republic. At the same time, Norra Wexley, who fought on the side of the Rebellion, catches hold of Wedge’s call needing immediate attention, she understands it’s not time for rest. But what Antille doesn’t realize is how threatening is her new mission.

Star Wars: Life Debt - Aftermath, Book 2

Star Wars: Life Debt – Aftermath, Book 2

Book 28

by Chuck Wendig (Author), Marc Thompson (Reader)

Bestselling New York Times author is ready to present Star Wars devotees his new book. It is the second part of The Afternoon Trilogy masterly narrated by Marc Thompson. The events described in this book take place between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Delve into the world of thrilling struggle and breathtaking battles between the Rebel Alliance and evil Galactic Empire.

Empire's End: Aftermath: Star Wars

Empire’s End: Aftermath (Star Wars: The Aftermath Trilogy)

Book 29

by Chuck Wendig (Author), Marc Thompson (Reader)

Star Wars fans will be excited with a new adventurous novel in a far-away galaxy. Acclaimed New York Times author Chuck Wendig presents the third book in The Aftermath Trilogy. The events described in this book take place between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Last Shot: Star Wars

Last Shot: Star Wars

Book 30

Daniel José Older (Author, Narrator), Marc Thompson (Narrator), January LaVoy (Narrator)

You cannot run faster than the past even if you are on the most speedy galactic ship…
Even the fastest ship in the galaxy can’t outrun the past…


The Falcon team has a desire to get an unknown transmitter created by Fyzen Gor. And they had two attempts: at first, it was a try by Lando Calrissian together with L3-37 droid, and at the second time, Han Solo together with Chewbacca wanted to receive a device. But the villain Gor has no desire to share.


Ten years have passed after the last fight between Han Solo and Fyzen Gor, but the thought about the device and its creator didn’t interrupt Solo when the The Empire was destroyed and he created a family together with the princess of Alderaan. But everything changed when Lando came to Solo’s home. His life is in danger as well as the whole Cloud City. And he won’t be able to succeed without the help of Han Solo.

Star Wars: Bloodline - New Republic

Star Wars: Bloodline – New Republic

Book 31

by Claudia Gray (Author), January LaVoy (Reader)

New York Times bestselling and highly-acclaimed author Claudia Gray Star has already presented her Star Wars: Lost Stars, which won the admiration of many fans. Star Wars admirers were obsessed with the story Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But it was extremely interesting what was happening before the events told by Delilah S. Dawson. Claudia Gray managed to write a thrilling story where she depicted events before The Force Awakens. Are you ready to new battles between good and evil?

The Perfect Weapon: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Perfect Weapon: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Book 32

Delilah S. Dawson (Author), January LaVoy (Narrator)

The story features a new character, who fights and kills for money. Her main purpose to get a high reward, but dangerous threat leaves her straight to edge.

Galaxy is full of spies and arms. Anyone can hire mercenaries. And it’s probably impossible to find someone as hazardous and terrible as Bazine Netal. She’s an expert in covering and her blade could kill anyone. It’s time for Bazine to become a teacher even if this task seems horrible for her. It’s her chance to find herself on a necessary ship and conduct her last task. Try to guess who hired Netal to find a former stormtrooper and get back unknown parcel he protects.

Phasma: Star Wars: Star Wars, The Last Jedi

Phasma: Star Wars: Star Wars, The Last Jedi

Book 33

Delilah S. Dawson (Author), January LaVoy (Narrator)

Start a new journey of Star Wars in a far-away galaxy. With this book you have a perfect chance to unveil the destiny of Captain Phasma and to listen to her story in The Last Jedi.
Phasma is considered one of the most devious First Order officers. She has a power to give instructions and bring horror to enemies. But she still remains unknown. So, his rival intends to unveil her secret origin.

Delve yourself into the Battlecruiser events, where Cardinal cruelly interrogates a spy. He wants to get the data about Captain’s past. And Cardinal is assured that he could get this information from his prisoner. But knowing this information could be extremely dangerous…

Before the Awakening (Star Wars)

Before the Awakening (Star Wars)

Book 34

by Greg Rucka (Author), Phil Noto (Illustrator)

Story of Rey, Finn, and Poe before the events of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Book 35

Alan Dean Foster (Author), Marc Thompson (Narrator)

There is no better science fiction to listen that Star wars audiobooks. Over than thirty years ago the world could see the first part of Star Wars movie, which definitely became a brand-new experience. The next part of out-of-this-world galactic adventures will attract old and new supporters of the saga. Together with the release of a new movie, Alan Dean Foster prepared an extraordinary novel adaptation.

The book describes events after Return of the Jedi. You’ll find yourself in the world together with well-known and beloved Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, C-3PO and R2-D2 as well as with new characters. Even if the Empreror together with Darth Vader are defeated, there is still evil to fight with. See how the Force awakens and what will happen then.

Canto Bight: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Canto Bight: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Book 36

Saladin Ahmed (Author), Rae Carson (Author), Mira Grant (Author), John Jackson Miller (Author), Sean Kenin (Narrator), Saskia Maarleveld (Narrator), Marc Thompson (Narrator), Jonathan Davis (Narrator)

Together with galactic aliens and sophisticated characters find yourself into Canto Bight. It’s a casino city, where you can take risks and test your luck. One significant night could change the destiny of everyone. Paths of a trustworthy seller and career lawbreakers are crossed and salesman’s vacation reminds a nightmare. Desires and schemes smash at times when there is a fight to win treasured bottle of wine. It’s time to leave old habits for servant in order to fight for power with elite. A freeloader gamester still has a chance to win, but he needs to survive. Read four amazing novels in one story.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny: The Leia Chronicles & The Rey Chronicles

Star Wars Forces of Destiny: The Leia Chronicles & The Rey Chronicles (Star Wars Forces of Destiny Series)

Book 37

by Emma Carlson Berne (Author)

Do you believe in destiny? How can you explain which choices people make or actions they take? It’s all about brief time periods.

Delve yourself into listening these two chapter Star Wars books featuring unbelievable stories. Each part is dedicated to one Star Wars character. In the first chapter you’ll know more about Princess Leia. You’ll listen to her story as a leader of the Rebel Alliance. The second chapter provides an opportunity to know more about Rey. Stories about the hero of Resistance are able to unveil lots of interesting facts about this character.

The Last Jedi: Star Wars

The Last Jedi: Star Wars

Book 38

Jason Fry (Author), Marc Thompson (Narrator)

This audiobook represents an official adaptation of a movie of the same name. But it also includes events from other scripts, so you have a chance to read extra content.

The freedom of the whole galaxy is in danger. Fierce First Order, which was created from the Empire’s ashes, represents a new threat. New Star Wars heroes are ready to fight for the galaxy piece. You will listen about brave Rey, who has the Force power, strong stormtrooper Finn, who has a will to fight against his masters, together with pilot Poe Dameron and Leia Organa. The Resistance will have a battle with the First Order led by Snoke together with Kylo Ren. Luke Skywalker is the only hope to win enemies. The lost legend will bring the fight between good and evil to new heights.

From a Certain Point of View (Star Wars)

From a Certain Point of View (Star Wars)

Book 40

by Renée Ahdieh (Author), Meg Cabot (Author), John Jackson Miller (Author), Nnedi Okorafor (Author), Sabaa Tahir (Author)

Every Star Wars fan has a perfect opportunity to experience well-known galaxy from a completely different point of view. Forty years ago in 1977 the readers met popular Star Wars characters, among which Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, Han Solo as well as C-3PO, Obi-Wan Kenobi and R2-D2.

To celebrate Star Wars fortieth anniversary it was presented forty short Star Wars retelling stories. Every story reinterprets imaginatively a part of original movie. The story is presented from various characters through their eyes. Together with main characters stories include Captain Antilles, Aunt Beru, Grand Moff Tarkin, etc. The authors donated the whole income to first non-profit Star Wars Book.

Star Wars Forces of Destiny: Daring Adventures, Volumes 1 & 2

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Daring Adventures: Volumes 1 & 2 (Star Wars: Forces of Destiny Daring Adventures Series)

Book 41

by Emma Carlson Berne (Author)

This audiobook by Emma Carlson Berne represents a new vision of well-known Star Wars. Dynamic micro-series highlight the most outstanding characters into 6 thrilling adventure stories, including Rey, Ahsoka Tano, cruel Senator Padme Amidala, Jyn Erso, Sabine Wren. And it’s impossible to imagine Star Wars without the Rebellion Alliance leader Princess Leia.



  • What his favorite Star Wars film was and he replied with ''Probably The Empire Strikes Back". I replied with joy, "me too". It's still my favorite movie of all time. Chris signed the book out to my brother ReidMane and I, with "May the Force be with you!" and an awesome (6)
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  • Hahahahhaha omg Jason you're a troll! But seriously, it's sad how this guy is just "betting" and judging the book without even reading it. This is one of the best Star Wars books I've read
  • Haha, which character? I don’t have kids but when I do, my son’s getting Anakin (Star Wars) somewhere in there, and my daughter’s getting Anouk from one of my favourite books and movies, Chocolat. So I totally understand.
  • Reposting myaplcommunity: It's BookFaceFriday and this week we're featuring Hero for Hire by Han Solo in celebration of the new SoloAStarWarsStory movie release! bookface bookstagram booksofinstagram
  • The third book in the Aftermath series, when talking about a religion that believed I the Force, mentioned a "grey side" of the Force, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it exists, as every religion believes in one thing or the other
  • Luke was kind of a tool but I could never see him giving up. I didn't watch the movie because that first Disney one was so bad It ruined Star Wars for me but I have read all the books. And I just dont see Luke going I quit time to find a place to hide.
  • This is from early 2013. Sorry but proudly to say that this book did it for me a while ago. There already was one story called The Last Jedi. For Pete's sake leave it to the PROFESSIONAL WRITERS, would you please?! Intelligence is intelligence.
  • Favorite of mine called “Caverns of Socrates” long before Avatar. I dunno if it was a book 1st but if so I did not read it and we are talking 1999 ish... No they said it stunned the audience... I said oooo movie magic. Really not that hard to conceive the possibility that’s why
  • Were you ever bullied for reading a star wars book at school? Were you ever bullied for wearing a key chain with the Force chips on them of all the figurines you owned? Were you ever judged for knowing stuff about the EU? Those ass holes are the ones who are killing Star Wars
  • Preface: Not well versed in comics. I read a few. Couple friends did. I appreciate the story & art. I read/listened to Star Wars books as a kid, action figures etc. Always loved movies, sci-fi, comic & others along w animated, Godzilla & sci-fi TV. Some movie bias & can't pick.
  • That's the thing Star Wars has always been "diverse". If you read any of the books which are now "Legends", Jania Solo was a Rey like character who although I never seen on screen I think she is more personable and better developed than Rey.
  • I can't think of one particular instance at the moment, but I can say I've met so many great people online because of our love for Star Wars. We're able to connect over the films, TV shows, theories, and books...It's (overall) so much fun!
  • It could have been much better. It didn’t stick to the Star Wars books from the Han Solo trilogy. I think Disney is turning these movies out too fast and sacrificing some quality.
  • Sundayfunday In my studio is this original art of GrandMoffTarkin by the talented Zackules from page 55 of his EXTREMELY fun (& funny) book StarWarsDoodles! More than a coloring book, this is a blast of creativity for StarWars fans of all ages! Thank U Zack!drawing
  • I mean, I love Star Wars and Star Trek and comic book movies, and i'm in my mid 30's, but I don't try to compare EVERYTHING to those IPs like so many grown ass men and women try to do with Harry Potter. "(Politican name) is JUST like (Harry Potter antagonist name)!" UGH.
  • Watched the discussion on Star Wars Fandom on the Screen Junkies channel, pretty interesting. Current issues with social media is something I discuss in Lecture. I will recommend the book " Connected but Alone" by Sherry Turkle. It helps to understand the broken digital world.
  • I enjoy his Star Wars writing, book wise. Before the Awakening is good. Set before The Force Awakens, 1 story about Rey, one about Finn, one about Snoke... no, Poe, ha ha, if only! I like 'em both, just wish there was more Snoke stuff
  • political innuendo in Marvel movies?? Wow. Were you looking at the back of the theater with ear muffs on while watching them? The politics in Marvel make Star Wars look like a Charlie Brown comic. Enjoy your books.
  • I mean this happens all the time. People swore comic book movies were dead because Iron Man 2 didn’t make as much as Iron Man. And again when Age of Ultron didn’t make as much as The Avengers. I expect they’ll do the same again with Ant Man 2.
  • Day 95: bonniegrrl is a screenwriter, author & journalist amongst many other things! She authored "Star Wars Craft Book". For years she was Senior Editor & Content Developer for starwars
  • Do you believe, feel or know for a fact that Toy Story 4 will heavily feature Marvel and Lucas Film toys? Will they make it a part of the plot with the love of comic book and Star Wars movies on the up?
  • I've never consumed any Star Wars stuff outside the movies, not the books, comics, animated stuff, nothing, so I do appreciate it when the movies take me to different corners of that universe.
  • So true! One of my favorite StarWars fan moments recently came from just hanging in my local comic book shop. A guy came in & asked about the Vader comic. So a couple of us answered questions & talked about why we love it & in the process the Vader series gained a new fan :)
  • All I can say is thank goodness they are not writing and directing the script. It amazes me that people who are immersed is the Star Wars movies, books, comics, and lore do not see what is happening between Rey and Ben. They are like, oh no it’s not happening, she closed the
  • No need for me to enter the contest as I have both of the books, but I’d love to share a story! I slept overnight in line at SWCO and had a wonderful discussion with fellow fans about Star Wars music! The whole convention was life changing in general!
  • Star Wars dad to Star Wars dad, my dick brother-in-law spoiled who Darth Vader was for my three year old. My three year old loves Star Wars though he’s never seen the movies. We read the golden books. I am pretty upset about this. Would you say something?
  • What do you do when you have to go & "watch" motorsport with your big brother but cars really aren't your thing? Why you read of course. A lot. (For the record he's loving DavidSolomons2 books. There have been plenty of giggles & many nods of approval from a huge Star Wars fan.)
  • Exactly. The problem of toxicity in fandom comes from people--overwhelmingly male--who conflate the thing they love with their identity, so they can't separate criticism of the thing from criticism of the self. But Star Wars has this added "burnt books" fury.
  • Disney simply doesn't get star wars. You had the whole rich world of star wars available, you tried to appease the wrong audience. Some of us read the entire Retconed Legends books. You completely destroyed star wars for us. Except perhaps rogue one.
  • Remember my friend who was a huge Star Wars fan boy? He had all the EU books and more. Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker forever is what they (fanboys) believed in and lived for. And like Sam said...15 years of EU gone. A lot of anger...
  • At first reading this, I felt like this applied to me. Then I realized it didn't. I love Star Wars. I'm disappointed in the new movies. So I keep reading the EU books that I love and it's still great and real to me.
  • I’ll just continue re-reading the EU books. Probably won’t spend another dime on Star Wars until they start bringing the EU books to the big screen. Amazing how much better the story arcs are on the EU compared to 7&8.
  • Vader is my favorite Star Wars character, but Episodes 1-6 are Vader’s story. Plus there’s comics, TV shows, and books that tell even more about him. A Vader spin-off shouldn’t happen.
  • This is why I never liked reading growing up until I got into Star Wars books. I knew what Star Destroyers and stuff looked like so I could actually visualize books well lol
  • At least they picking something, here where I live, no one would pick any of those book series, nor give a damn about them because they find them all boring or not worth the atenttion. (I even see people rebuking at Star Wars without even wathing them)
  • A1 Kind of hard to answer since this is Book IV...this one grows out of the first three. The series as a whole spun out of some STAR WARS fanfic I wrote years ago...and my characters are partly inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's movies.
  • I haven't paid for a Star Wars product since the novel "Honor Among Thieves" came out (the last-ever book in the real Canon.) wasn't even that great, either. It's so sad that Star Wars died with a whimper. Let me know if the Jaina trilogy ever comes out... otherwise, I'll pass.
  • Yesterday at the movie the guy refilling my popcorn asked what I was seeing, I said Solo he said he wasn't into that because he only likes the Star Wars books and Han Solo isn't a major character in the books, he was just added to the movies to make them like a western. What.
  • As long as artists don't wind up face-tracing from lazy google searches (like in some Star Wars books). Would make sense to evoke a movie look to promote new sales but for comics it's OK to refine body proportions. Doesn't matter though, if the book is a Yass-Kween! fest.
  • Just finished Most Wanted. It’s been a weird couple weeks for Star Wars fans, but this book by raecarson reminded me what I love about the galaxy far far away. 100% recommended! Loved it!
  • You just can’t replicate Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Now those “Darth Vader and his kids” children’s books, that is a prequel I’d go see—hard core fans can just chill out with how the storyline doesn’t make sense. It’s adorable. StarWars
  • My dad loves Star Wars unconditionally. The books. The cartoons. He loved Episode 7 and 8. He will love Episode 9. He knows nothing of reshoots or director controversy or box office returns. He has no interest or desire to see Solo. Something went very wrong.
  • FOTF Books: With the StarWars⁠ ⁠LostStars Manga edition from claudiagray hitting the shelves this past week PattyBones2 presents not to be missed highlights from the first stunning volume! Feel the Force in Manga here:
  • I'm waiting to see Solo till we can book it at the small town single-screen theater that I manage, but I can't wait! We're hosting a Star Wars costume contest on opening night.
  • Saw it last night. Seemed like more of a Marvel comic book movie than a Star Wars film. The director of Rogue One is the only one who could update Lucas’ vision for the times don’t me
  • The Solo film should be considered a separate adventure. Let’s think back to the Del Ray, Star Wars adventures(when they were relevant). This movie was fun and exciting, just like those book are. I’m a Star Wars fanatic and support Solo.
  • We played the Star Wars version of DnD, but that was still highly suspect cause they just renamed the spells as “force powers”. Did not finish the Harry Potter books until college
  • Also, Thrawn trilogy, widely regarded as the best Star Wars books ever, show there was more that needed doing and the reconciliation was not instantaneous. Remnants existed, imperial forces existed. The war carried on.
  • Love this! I'm back home in Romania now, and I still have a lot of books from my childhood! I remember reading Star Wars in Romanian before even knowing about the movies. Quite an experience!
  • starwars I am just curious if they actually have TVs or news casts. How the **** can Rey think Luke is a myth? I would think somehow Luke destroying the Death Star and defeating the emperor might be on tv or history books. It was like 30 years ago
  • I met my best friend because he was reading Heir to the Empire in history class. He was the only person outside of my family I had ever seen with a Star Wars book. I talked to him, we both geeked out about how good the whole series was, and now we still talk almost every day.
  • Earning cryptocurrency for selling my stuff on Listia! Join me using code "DNVPCT" for an extra 25 XNK. I just listed this: Star Wars RETURN OF THE JEDI - Topps Trading Cards hardcover book
  • Enjoying brianjayjones book GeorgeLucasALife. Informative, intriguing and laced with a wry humour that seems to match that of Lucas. StarWars seemingly robbed us of a hugely talented filmmaker, who was more interested in tone and form rather than narrative. Highly recommended.
  • Tried to drop off a few small tokens of appreciation for the work you do and for inspiring me to be the best version of myself incl. Frank Miller signed comic, Starwars cookbook, hidden safe in Foundation Trilogy book..but security said to mail be on lookout!
  • I'm working on them. I gave the 3yr old a Star Wars coloring book that she likes. I'm still trying to figure out the right ages for TV and Movies......I've been saying 5 for Batman66 and 7 for New Hope, but I dont know if I can wait that long.
  • I'm simply stating the films should stand on their own. If you need clarification from a book then the film has failed. The film should speak for itself. It makes one wonder if RJ even watched TFA lol. I agree Episode 9 will give us an answer one way or the other.
  • When you remember that Carrie and Harrison had an affair on set of 1 of the original Star Wars trilogy, but no one really knew about it until Carrie wrote about it in her book. Makes you wonder how much things are going on BTS of every movie in Hollywood that PR try to cover up.
  • Finished reading Heir to the Empire, absolutely one of the best stories Star Wars has ever had. Surprised that it was much smaller in scale than I imagined but the book has such a reputation that I suppose tall tales about it are certain to be in the forefront of my mind.
  • Star Wars : Clone Wars (2003) My favorite animated series of all time. I love it so much, I'm glad I bought it on dvd. I wish there was an art book of it and in some timeline, I own a frame or two.
  • I’m not getting old. I am old. I saw the original IV, V and Vi when at school. Does that invalidate my views as being a life long fan who read Star Wars books, played with Kenner toys now have most of the lego sets and numerous books on the back stories and science of sw?
  • ThePerfectBride happens to be my best friend, who continuously supports my geek passions for Star Wars, Comic Books, & Creative Storytelling. Without her love, I wouldn’t have achieved my dreams of becoming a therapist & writer. I am blessed to share 13 yrs of my life with her.
  • Him directing the next Jurassic World is all the proof you need Book of Henry wasn't what lost him the Star Wars job. I've also weirdly seen people make fun of him for saying the cast and crew genuinely felt they were doing good work.
  • I just don’t understand how people don’t go “oh wow! so much more Star Wars! This is awesome! We have all the Legends stuff we love & now even more new stuff because the timeline got a reboot!” Where is the problem?The legends books are still there to read for those who want to!
  • My age range is born in the 1960’s to 1974 and we’re probably the ones who watched StarWars ANH IV in the movie theater as kids. We had the toys. The books and we maintained our fandom mostly
  • I have finally started going through the Star Wars franchise. jasonaaron, 79SemiFinalist, kierongillen, and and CharlesSoule have made some of the funniest, most interesting, and flat-out cool stories in the franchise. Why didn't I start the movies/comics/books earlier?!
  • its sad to see so many fake star wars fans in here stop crying about you want star wars in a direkction you see fit and just enjoy the movies. for what thay are i personly liked rose go read the book you learn even moor about rose insted of being crybabies thare didnt get it.
  • I feel like people have to realize Star Wars is a franchise and the movies aren’t the only things that exist...bc like there were some complaints after tlj that holdo came outta nowhere but she was introduced in princess of Alderaan book
  • Found the Rogue One art book at my job for $5.75. MSRP of $40, was $20 at my job before all the mark downs. Not a huge fan of Star Wars but I appreciate all art. I think this is my 17th art book, lost track a long time ago.
  • Stopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstop. (Also legends canon ranges from “meh” to “that was fun and entertaining!” at any given point. Just like all Star Wars books and comics. Nothing to spill tea over you racist cucky boy)
  • Most Star Wars books have credits and/or acknowledgements to the folks at all levels who work on them. Before I joined Licensing, it was folks like Lucy Autrey Wilson, Sue Rostoni, Allan Kausch, Howard Roffman, Shelly Shapiro, and Randy Stradley who I wanted to meet.
  • Oh My Goodness!!! What a day! First I had a meeting and my official photoshoot for Star Wars Lost Horizons!! Then on to a Book Signing with the amazing NkemDenChukwu and I just finished ordering my Official Light Saber.
  • yeah no, I love star wars and I gave up on the ****ing entire thing back when jar jar binks because a ****ing thing, and after all the books and comics and like ALL the information we had on the expanded universe was listed as non-canon in favor of Disney, I said **** it.
  • My seven hundred sixty-sixth 2018ComicsRead is Star Wars 16 (2016), read out of order because WHY IS 15 AT THE BACK OF THE TRADE? But I continue to really enjoy Dr. Aphra and the stories these books are telling.
  • Lets make a StarWars movie with an all POC, lesbian, female cast. Just to weed out all the fanboys ruining the franchise. Then at the end have one of them look into the camera to say “the books arent canon” and open an inter dimensional portal to the Star Trek universe.
  • So.. If I used to live for star wars, books, movies, comics.. but I don't care for the character rose, or TLJ, how should I take this? Shrug it off? At what point am I allowed to complain about the direction the movies are going? AM I allowed to? Am I a bigot for being upset?
  • I love listening back to the Star Wars New Canon Book Club episode on The Last Jedi and hearing the back and forth of TeamDavis and FacianeA. Oh and JesseCox is there too, trying to hold it down, ohoho. Still mostly all on board with TeamDavis.
  • Sooo I just started reading this today, and I'm on Chapter 5. I'm getter major Star Wars vibes from this book. (Then again, I get Star Wars vibes from everything so it's not like that says much)
  • As a kid, the only Star Wars book I ever read was Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina. I love when you two talk Star Wars, and your EU podcast got me interested in checking out some more books. Starting with The Thrawn Trilogy.
  • Make your Saturday night date night a movie night! Stop in for Book Club at 5:15pm & 7:45pm; Ocean's 8 at 5:30pm & 8pm; and Solo: A Star Wars Story at 4:15pm & 7:30pm. bigscreen
  • Clone Battalions are actually in all the movies too. All of them have their own books, and honestly the show is decent. Especially after the first season. Besides most of Star Wars is kid friendly, so why not include the show that made CW even more popular
  • Redemption is not rehashing the original trilogy. Redemption, love, optimism, hope, etc. Those are the pillars of Star Wars. Star Wars has never been about hate and anger and cynicism. They won't let the last Skywalker die unredeemed. Book it.
  • I didn’t realize this contingent also wanted to re-legitimize the old EU “Legends” stories. Now I’m extra embarrassed as a Star Wars fan. I grew up on those books. But I’m capable of still loving them while also loving the new stuff because I have MORE THAN ONE BRAIN CELL.
  • Currently reading a StarWars novel, a StarTrek short story collection, two Secret Wars comic crossovers, and a book about US naval aviation in WWII. NotYourAverageMillennial
  • I’ve read a few Legends books and I’ve read mostly Disney canon books, Leia: Princess of Alderaan, Star Wars: Ahsoka, 2 Star Wars: Battlefront novels, & soon to get & read Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy book.
  • I really don't understand what was wrong with this movie... I've loved star wars since I was a kid... all the movies and a bunch of the books and I thought this movie was awesome! Way better than last jedi.
  • Learn the lessons of Star Wars, just because GOT was a hit doesn't mean you can milk this just to try to make more money. Rather than wasting time on something that frankly is of no interest to me finish the original series of books. That's what the fans want
  • i wouldnt even bother to guess. These are in their vault. A always changing and evolving den of awesomeness full of comic book treasures. I go in to just breathe the air sometimes and pick up my small little hold of Star Wars comics..
  • Oct 19 to Nov 19 opinions: So we are looking to book our disneymoon for late october into early Nov 2019. Our main reason was to see halloween into xmas decor etc. We also may do a 3 night cruise. Now I see Star Wars in penned in and someone has mentione…
  • This week on the geeknerdtangent we review Oceans 8 and have a new cast member for the day! MovieReview Ocean8Movie JohnLasseter Also talking about Departing of John from Pixar and Disney Pixar, Cats and a Starwars book review.
  • It's fun to imagine in what dire straits Disney would have to be for them to say "Hey, you know how we've spent billions of dollars telling the story of Star Wars to a massive, global audience? Let's pitch all that in favor of three obscure '90s sci-fi books."
  • Very excited to read Mark0Connell's new book 'Watching Skies: Star Wars, Spielberg & Us'. His last book 'Catching Bullets' was incredible and also worth checking out. A must read for film fans!
  • Yeah I think Leia’s survival is totally believable. Again, it’s unexpected and surprising and you might dig it. But it works. Leia always showed powers in the old books. We finally see it on the big screen. It was a big moment for Leia fans. For any Star Wars fan.
  • Kathleen Kennedy didn’t write Solo. Solo was basically a Legends book brought to life on the big screen. I think classic fans should’ve embraced it so we could get more Legends style films.
  • So, the Star Wars books that I'd recommend are Timothy Zahn's Thrawn novels - the first trilogy, and then the Hand of Thrawn duology. And then the X-Wing series, especially the later books by Aaron Allston. Those are all excellent, and standalone.
  • Everybody is asleep now and theres no one to talk to. if u want to discuss comics, communication theories, fast food staples, and why book star wars is better than movie star wars pls hmu
  • I'm Hayley, a trans girl illustrator, along with drawing plenty of Star Wars fan art and working on a Leia comic I've been drawing a book since 2016 of like all the lady SW characters from canon to Legends
  • It's really sad to see the books that I grew up with co-opted by Neo-Nazis. I'm a huge legends fan but I also love Kelly Marie Tran, diversity in Star Wars and everything about TLJ. Abusive legends fans are an embarrassment to humanity.
  • The answer is education but not so much ...give them jobs ,factorys productions, not every culture see books as one with them. (Star wars lol) seriously some people are comfortable working with hands-on with no book education needed to do so. Doesn't mean they are stupid or less
  • WTF is happening in geekdom at the moment? All this apoplectic abuse aimed at Star Wars actresses & authors of Warhammer books for kids is mental. Peeps need to get a ****ing grip! If you don't like/enjoy something that's cool, there's no need to be a dick about it!
  • “I loved every minute of it along with the others in the army” or in other words, “I loved every minute of it along with the other lonely, sad, fat, sweaty 40 year old men, who attended my ‘Star Wars book club’ in my basement every Tuesday.”
  • Nerdism and hipsterism have always been intertwined. There aren't "Nintendo nerds" there are gaming nerds who like nintendo. There aren't "Marvel nerds" but rather comic book nerds that prefer marvel. Not "Star Wars nerds", but scifi nerds who like Star Wars.
  • FOTF Books: Are you stuck for StarWars reading material this weekend?! CarlRoberts2 heads to the galaxy far, far away and recommends the superb Stormtroopers BeyondTheArmor book from authoradambray, ryderwindham and harperdesignbks
  • Geek guys stop being stupid don’t assume a girl only likes Star Wars for the romance, girl characters and cute animals. You want get into their pants and don’t call Rey a Mary Sue after reading the books that prove otherwise.
  • It’s what’s so great about Star Wars. Be it in movies or radio dramas you hear, the first books you read, those first toys you play with. Your connection, your place, in a world that asks nothing but to lift your hopes and dreams in it and itself.
  • UNPOPULAR OPINION: Star Wars 4-6 hasn't aged well. Even the editing is confusing. Many questions unanswered. I feel like there's a whole book or movie that I somehow missed that is supposed to tie everything together.
  • It's that time again. I've read this almost every summer since I purchased it, missed last year so need to make sure I read it this year! If you're a Star Wars fan and have never read this book you should really correct that!
  • Hallmark made awesome lenticular comic book cover cards for Father's Day. They made ones of: Marvel Star Wars 1 (1977), Man Of Steel Miniseries 1 (1986) - Clark opens shirt cover, Amazing Spider-Man V1 186, and Captain America 112 (1969, Kirby cover). USD 5.99 each
  • Thought I would treat myself to the latest StarWars art book as I figured there would be some good stuff in here - and I'm not disappointed! Really lovely work and concept art to fill your eye holes with.
  • Weird licensing stuff happens with Disney, such as IDW publishing All Ages Star Wars books. The fact they own a comic-book company is secondary to their ability to make mad money on licensing deals,
  • 'Star Wars' has a lot of hardcore fans. It also has plenty of casual fans who don't follow along with expanded material like TV shows, comics, and books. For the latter, we're here to help fill in the gaps.
  • I broke down and bought two Bourdain books online. I’m ashamed to say I don’t read a lot, but I recently finished How Star Wars Conquered The Universe and decided to start something new.
  • Very different franchises but also very similar. Both have hardcore fan backbones. Star Wars probably more so (Children of the 80s) while Marvel has comic book fans who are a large, but niche group. Both are under Disney. Both have connected cinematic universes. Feige could work.
  • I've also come to view the Disney Star Wars movies as sort of a reinterpretation, kind of like in comic books when a new author gives their take on a character. Different riff on the same idea. And in that context I thought Solo was pretty good.
  • Don't regret it! The Young Jedi Knights and New Jedi Order book series are what turned me from a kid who had seen the movies a couple of times into a hard care Star Wars fan for life. :)
  • Um... Y'all know that it's just a story, these are just actors, none of it is real. And as a story, it has the ability to evolve & change. There is a metric ****ton of star wars books out there. These were people who had a job, and did it well. Folks put down the Dew and go play.
  • Lol! Not to mention A Dream of Spring! I got all the books knowing it would probably take me awhile to finish all of them, especially trying to keep up with most of the Star Wars novels as well, but I really want to get back to them soon.
  • Kashyyyk! One of my earliest Star Wars memories is the book, “The Wookiee Storybook”, so I loved seeing it onscreen. Plus, it’s my favorite Star Tours destination. Good relations with Wookiees I have
  • Just wondering. Though I am 180 of you on the MasterLuke arc. Guess after reading so many Legend Books, and seeing what his New Canon Jedi Powers had become, I was TOTALLY Expecting more. But it was a beautiful film. Just didn't feel like StarWars to me.
  • I'm really enjoying the Kenobi novel. It's not in Disney's canon but it's a really fun story with a very Obi-Wan attitude we see in a ton of material. I hope an eventual Kenobi movie follows the journey he goes through in this book. Yo jjmfaraway any feels on this?
  • It is not just in Star Wars and it is not just about race and gender. There is this toxic belief that "fans" own movies, TV and book series and the creators must bow to their wishes. It is false. The story belongs to the creators not false fans.
  • LMAO. Or have many other things to do than just reply to you. Or wanted the title of the book to be correct. You suggest I speed watched2 films and read how many bpoks?. Oh my.
  • So unless you can show me where it says he’s not a janitor....I have no reason to change my mind. I’ve seen the movies, I’ve read the books...that is the conclusion I came to.
  • Thanks, but how did the book prevent Disney from using the story? Did the author restrict them from using his material? Or, because the Star Wars Story Group went with a different storyline for Episode VIII, it ended the possibility of Salvatore’s storyline for Luke?
  • This week on JM & Tom ROAST Everything, the guys remember Anthony Bourdain, and the many different ways he crossed media barriers, from book, to TV, and even comic books. Star Wars, Star Trek, Deadpool Movie, Han Solo … and so, so many more.
  • That’s not how debates work dear, I present my side, and you present tell me how Finn is not a janitor (the IRL military has janitors btw). Saying “read the book” or “watch the movie” is not proof of anything since it leaves it open to my own interpretation.
  • ...I kno, saw the ?statue? in background, 4setup 4a sequel, but IF u get1! Looks like Solo just turned profitable. Will say, Id 2see what U cud do w/a StarWars movie that was SOLey Urs from the onset. I cud write 1 4ya! I read all of J.Campbells books &Moyers' interviews
  • Doctor Who. Star Wars. My favorite shows, cinematic universes, book series, etc- I want to be around to see what happens next. Future plans with people I love. A camping trip with friends in July. A festival with my cousin in Oct. A visit to distant chosen family next year.
  • Star Wars has a long history. Not just movies, but books, graphic novels. It's a lot more complex. When fans say the movies suck, they aren't being sexist or unfair. They are pointing out how the movies literally ruined the entire history of Star Wars.
  • I made a bit of a fool of myself (I’m a babbling ball of awkward on a GOOD day) but meeting claudiagray and getting my favorite Star Wars books signed was definitely one of the highlights of my day at SF_ComicCon!
  • (Pardon the post-troop hot mess that I am...) I had the honor of trooping for HerUniverse at her book tour stop in Texas today. Thank you, Ashley, for being the most amazing advocate for female starwars fans the world over <3
  • When I was a kid, I remember finding a Star Wars arts and crafts book or something, which on it said "Over 30 Stickers!" I got curious, and I counted how many stickers where in the book. 31. There where 31 stickers in that book, the ****ing cheapskates.
  • Look read a lot there were a lot of books that he did learn from the Jedi texts for one, he understood what it took to be a Jedi he did train to be a Jedi, to say that he just stopped training after 2 weeks and became a Jedi master after defeating Vader and Shevv is asinine
  • Before you leave this earth, promise me you will write a book about how you really feel your full Star Wars experience has been. This must include our most recent movies including episode nine. You will have a historic best seller of all time.
  • Yes!! I’m done with bloody whinging “fan”-boys from Doctor Who to Star Wars behaving like spoilt bullies. Bunch of insecure and small-minded Comic Book Guy imitators (unfair on CBG!) spreading bile and bigotry...
  • Star Wars was always a visual experience for me. Other than the Dark Force books I never delved much into EU material, but I’m glad I decided to pick up some of the new books. First Thrawn, now Phasma.
  • One of my characters Shina Jo in the screenplay uses these items. Even in the future tapes are just as cool as reading natural books. The trend never died.
  • My baby bro, who is 21 years younger than I, is reading all the books I used to read, and it makes me so happy. He's also into StarWars. And KingArthur. And Zelda. And SuperMarioBros. And SonictheHedgehog. And he loved the Warcraft movie. He's being raised right. Lol.
  • What kills me is not that someone would think this way or write this but that a company would publish this. And not as some alt-lifestyle thing but as a STAR WARS book! WTF?!
  • So you can make innapropiate art out of ANYTHING,look at what anime fans have drawn too,shrek fans,star wars fans and even comic book fans have drawn even more weirder stuff and people never bat an eyelash at them.just hate all the misconceptions the fandom gets.
  • Lmao. You are trying to say the films and books are wrong, you have to prove why those who created and write the character are wrong and you are right . You don't like where the "evidence" is that's your problem...where else did you think it would be? Cadet - Storm Trooper
  • Rod Usher in a show for Panini TV. Panini is the distributor for Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Simpsons etc. in Germany. And known for their football-stickers. And they released the 2nd The Other comic book.Disguised as a...
  • I call his knowledge into play due to inconsistencies within the film which a lot of fans noticed. A collector can have a library yet never read a book. And his front cover was a star wars fan, but the first page showed me his index is anything but knowledgeable.
  • Just because we can't hear the Falcon talk, we've always known it has a personality regardless. L3 was a fascinating supporting character and luckily in Star Wars that means a chance to meet her again in comics or books.
  • “I hate that character. Send death threats to the actress.” “I hate the prequels. Drive Lucas out.” “The new films have got nothing to do w/ the books. Why are Disney ruining Star Wars?” “Solo is crap because its not the story I want.” Bitchy “Star Wars fans”, stop ruining it
  • People hate what Disney has done with Star Wars. They should also boycott episode 9 and Celebration in Chicago to really drive the point home. All Disney cares about is money so we can punch them in the pocket book.
  • GishBond These photos represent a few things. A love for Star Wars, Harry Potter, books, cats, crazy socks, dancing and cooking. Always fun to throw out a dance move, read a good book, watch a good movie, pet a cat, and eat some good food. From l.meehan and artsy-kid!
  • I'm about here with all of this. I was 10 years old and so excited to stand in line for Star Wars in 1977. But I got dragged to Last Jedi. I won't see Solo. After Faramir, I refused to see Hobbit. At least they can't change books.
  • I'm gonna confess something: I am a massive star wars fan. HUGE. I've read the books, the comics, been on forums, know basically the whole time line before they recanonized. That being said....
  • The original 3 Stars Wars are legit; the ones that followed are cheap knock offs. Disney should have used the mass market books rather than just altering the original 3 SW films.The Solo book trilogy, and the Jedi Academy ones.
  • i got fed up myself, i was on board only buying like 3 books a month as long as i had something i could read ...but no, gotta do that pointless big crossover tie in it's as dumb as making annual star wars movies
  • In the book Making of Star Wars: Episode 1, Lucas mentions that in the first pass Obi-Wan discovers Anakin, Qui-Gon doesn't appear until they make it back to Couresant. He changed it because Anakin and the Audience needed to build up a relationship so that his death had meaning.
  • did end up seeing "solo: a star wars story," still haunted by the naming of han's mentor, tobias becket, which implies that a) the book of tobit (where tobias appears) is in the star wars bible, which is therefore catholic b) st thomas becket is part of the star wars universe
  • It is all subjective. I always ask: what do you like in your StarWars? Sith, Jedi, Imperials, Rebels, Mandos, ect. Personally, I always loved Revenge of the Sith, I, Jedi, Star By Star, Traitor, Death Troopers, Dark Lord The Rise of Darth Vader. and the Republic Commando books.
  • On this NationalBestFriendsDay, let’s not forget the best friendship in the starwars galaxy: Han and Chewie. Also, let’s appreciate the fact that Chewie currently keeps a photo of him and Han in the Falcon swankmotron (shout out fionapup’s illustration in this book)
  • We got the kiddos some great Star Wars math books to keep them excited about math over the summer! Day one, the unicorn daughter spots error in the book. C'mon starwars , do I need to hire a Vulcan tutor from StarTrek instead? Your error, as my wife's image shows, is illogical.
  • The line is forming boxlunchstonebriar for the heruniverse book signing! If you were planning on coming you need to hustle! It’s the first 50 people and if all the people in front of us are getting wristbands we are 24 and 25 dreamingitanddoingit starwars disney fangir…
  • I never bothered with audio books until now. Just hearing carrieffisher makes me laugh and cry at the same time. audible_com I’m gonna be an emotional wreck by the end of this day.
  • There is no need to take it out on the actors, or to be obnoxious with anyone. I used to be a huge Star Wars fan- going back to 1977 when I was six. I have the books, movies on disc and soundtracks of all of the movies except The Last Jedi. I will not be buying any more.
  • The only discussions that The Book of Henry caused were “Should this guy be directing a Star Wars movie..?” No one was talking about the implied child abuse in the film unless they were making fun of it.
  • New Comic Books a nice haul from MidtownComics Online I got in the mail today , Batgirl Batman DetectiveComics WonderWoman JusticeLeague JusticeLeagueNoJustice DoomsdayClock DCComics SpiderMan AmazingSpiderMan SpiderGwen StarWars dccomics marvel starwars
  • Regardless of who did it, be it kathleenkennedy lucasfilms or whoever SOMEONE ****ed starwars up. For me it started when they said the books were no longer canon. You erased great characters like Mara Jade and the Solo twins from existence & you did the fandom and injustice.
  • After THE BOOK OF HENRY and revisiting DINOSAUR NOSTALGIA today, absolutely. He would’ve destroyed Rey’s arc. I seriously cannot believe that there are some people who actually think that “he understands how “sacred” STAR WARS is more than anyone in Hollywood.”
  • I used to be a Star Wars fan. Like, could recite all three movies verbatim, had a library of their books, ran the RPG, etc. For a while I could just pretend the prequels never happened. The new stuff just contradicts so many of the things that I loved about it in the 1st place.
  • Hi HamillHimself I've been listening to theprincessdiarist by (the much loved) Carrie Fisher - it's very honest & fun. She narrated it beautifully. I know lots of fans would really appreciate some of your StarWars memories too.Will you consider writing a book at some point?
  • I think maybe George Lucas can say if he doesn't like the direction Star Wars has taken. These people don't NEED to keep making movies and writing books and all the other stuff they do. Personally I'm thankful that they have! Enjoy it or move on.
  • You all have no idea the depths of the random bits of nonsense swirling in my brain. The three things that take up the most space, though are Star Wars, History and Politics, and Stories (movies, books, etc.)
  • Lol I would say so. I read the book series of Han Solo and found out that the movie was based of just one event. That stamped my not wanting to go see it seal. Cause that just sucks.
  • Honestly I enjoyed it. The Star Wars books are in no way great literature but they do let you spend more time in that universe. What I really enjoyed were the collections of short stories based around characters you just get a glimpse of in the movies.->
  • an adult decision, for me, looks like buying a book detailing the Apollo missions as opposed to buying a book about the physics of Star Wars...then going back into the store to still buy the Star Wars one
  • My local town centre now has a trading card store that sells Pokémon cards, a comic book shop, a vegan cake shop and a Harry Potter shop, so basically everything Smallest Boy needs (apart from somewhere that sells StarWars figures for the Solo movie, can't find those anywhere)
  • today i gave a barista-friend book recommendations for star wars and he asked me if any of my recommendations had “anything to do with han solo’s son who looks like the drummer from nickleback,” and i almost started a fight over jacen solo so how’s your day going?
  • The very first book I wrote was The Adventures of Reztap aka book 1. I was inspired by Douglas Adams, Harry Harrison & George Lucas. It starts off as a bit of a StarWars ANewHope parody, but it takes off with a life of it’s own. publishing ScienceFiction humor books 3/
  • Then I have a whole stack of EU books that I'm sure you'll blow through because you'll love them so much. Star Wars isn't infallible. Episode 8 was made. It was not good. Not liking a single film out of all the films/books/comics/tv shows that create the massive...
  • Phew. Ok. I was starting to worry that you just lived in a house made of Star Wars books. But that's much more manageable :P. What is your favorite SW book thus far?
  • And I could find nothing on comics/books so you have those sources you told me to look up, I’d appreciate it. Regardless, these numbers are going up for the Bluray. It’s not stopping at 45 million.
  • StarWars movies in the last few years have sucked in general for me due to the fact that I’ve read the star wars universe books. But I’ve never disparaged any of the actors. People who do that really have to get a life and move out of Mom’s basement.
  • I've read those books a long time ago they really are epic surprised they didn't make movies based off it but his character was in the clone wars though love how you're being nerdy and nerding out of Star Wars
  • This is a Father’s Day gift list, but I know 2 little StarWars fans who would really like a MilleniumFalcon book light. They can use it while they stay up late and read in bed. And it’s only $3.99! Thanks BuzzFeed!
  • Let me attempt to make this a bit sweeter... Just put leave in the books for SWCC19! I snagged a 5 Day pass less than an hour before they sold out yesterday! Hotels booked & I’m ready to go! Hope to see you all there! Stoked for my first StarWars Celebration!
  • Hey ChuckWendig, I think I forgot to tell you this story... I didn't care about Star Wars, really. Saw the first movie in the year it came out, enjoying the whooshes in my altered state, but it didn't really grab me. Reading your books changed that. Thank you!
  • I am a queer woman of color who is also an author. If I told you that you better by my book, or else you hate queer women of color, how would you feel? You probably not like that. This is what's happening with Star Wars, Marvel, and many other mainstream entertainment sources
  • Halfway through the book as we speak. Utterly fascinating. Separate from any interests in Star Wars or storytelling, just as a study of human development and what drives us it’s a really good read.
  • His perspective gets a bit more considered and humble as it goes, but parts where he invokes his family for sympathy over *not directing Star Wars* and says Book of Henry is really about holding men accountable and he ‘hopes it doesn’t stop others from telling those stories’..oof
  • “Bee” ready to book your 2019 Disney vacation package on June 19!! Lots of great events happening in the parks next year...Magic Kingdom holiday parties, Flower & Garden Festival, Star Wars Land & more... Get on the list today!
  • This might be a stupid question. I have all the "The Art of..." books from the Disney era Star Wars and love them all. Are there similar books for the Original and prequel trilogy?
  • I agree. Everything in the cinema is either a comic book film or Star Wars. I love the occasional Comic book film but what more can you do? And I know that the Heroes won't die and will be back because of the sequels!
  • Do or do not, there is no try. Yoda, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back. lovebooks books lovetoread twitter_books blogbooks ilovetoread Sith quote funny LukeSkywalker StarWars quote Yoda Skywalker
  • At that age I almost exclusively read Star Wars novels. Working at a book store, I tell parents a lot to find the thing their kid enjoys & let them read that, even if you don’t think it’s the best. Instilling the joy of reading is so much more important than pushing “literature”.
  • I wouldn't put it past LucasFilm to fabricate a controversy to gain some sympathy for StarWars. It happened with that Ghostbusters reboot, right? It's like SJWs have a by-the-numbers play book or something.
  • The Star Wars comic just hasn't really grabbed me for a while, especially after Jason Aaron left the book. And I think King's impressive on other titles. Mr. Miracle is trippy but gripping, even if I still wonder if it's actually going to be considered in continuity.
  • Two books I'm thinking of dropping with their upcoming 50th issues: the current runs of Batman and Star Wars. I don't hate King's Batman, but I'm not loving it, either. We'll see. Gillen's writing never clicks with me, and I don't think his doing SW has changed that.
  • When Star Wars was magical... Leafing through my 40 year old 1978 Star Wars Weekly Comics, fond memories of 8 year old me running to the supermarket for my first USA Style comic book & picking up a star wars figure or 2 with my pocket money :) EthanVanSciver
  • avid supporter of Star Wars, even if you watched the Prequels and the original trilogy and said "Well, the prequels weren't that bad" even if you've bought tons of books to get the backstory of every single niche-character, it would be absolutely ridiculous and stupid to think,
  • Sciencefiction Starwars Sapentia is a multi-dimensional planet, and functions as a portal to other multi-dimensional worlds. For lovers of serious fantasy and science fiction. First five books are free and available on itunes and Barnes and Noble
  • I don't think my dad has watched Star Wars... he thinks that Solo is set before Episode 1, and that The Empire had existed for thousands of years. Oh and he knows this because the books? He doesn't want to believe he's wrong, because he is.
  • So this is something I’ve wanted to address for a while, and now I’ve decided to say it. This is my attempt to end a lot of the toxicity in fandoms of movies, tv shows, and books. I focus on the StarWars fandom, but this goes for any fandom
  • I believe it was G Lucas who said that's what he liked when Star Wars was born way back when. Its how I like my books/films - not keen on shades of grey (although there are some when I get to book 3 for one character in particular).
  • I have a channel mainly showing off my Star Wars collectibles, books, action figures, cards etc. I do want to branch out to talking about my love for Star Wars but I was waiting for my audience to grow. We can all help each other! Just search for Bossks Bounty and you will find.
  • "No retro movie?" Technically, we didn't NEED another movie...the EU books were keepin' Star Wars alive just fine in book form and doing great. But then you have the shills that only want that insta gratification and action in the big screen.
  • just listened to the the SOLO spoilerin’ time. I think Solo is the best Star Wars movie since the original trilogy. It doesn’t have the ‘epicness’ of TFA/TLJ, but it doesn’t have the logic problems that they do either. That wins a lot of points in my book.
  • “We’re only going to release Expanded Jar Jar universe films until you start behaving. Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done. No, stay off the internet. Read a book. No, not Star Wars fan fiction"
  • People think an otherwise serious person can’t be a comic book geek — and in my case also be drunk on star wars. I’m glad I found another member of my species.
  • It did something different. I was just talking to my brother about this yesterday and he agreed. I want new Star Wars not old Star Wars. The new books that have come out that I've liked have all done something new with Star Wars.
  • Don't miss your chance to pick up this special convention edition of STAR WARS: LAST SHOT. The book has an exclusive cover, is signed by the author, and comes with a Star Wars tote bag, and exclusive Star Wars pin. Limited number available each day at Booth 509.
  • eli is reading star wars books at rates the human being was never meant to reach. soon he will be more powerful than all of us and will leave this plane of existence
  • I'm not boycotting. I'm opting to not watch increasingly bad movies. Don't tell other people what they do and don't know. It's gauche. I'm passing on Star Wars. As was evident in my previous reply. I was unaware a book series was sentient, that'll be neat. Still pass.
  • Your Star Wars name is the middle name of the shortest person you know in real life plus the full title of the book you read in high school that you enjoyed the least
  • The thing to watch out for with StarWars Legends audiobooks, is that most of the early ones were ABRIDGED. Thankfully that doesn't appear to be the case with the Bane trilogy. I enjoyed the trilogy. Though I haven't had a chance to listen to the audio book.
  • Share on twitter??? That’s pike ahhh.. 9 O.o ... like 3 years (my books) information mixed with almost 6 months of back and forth dialogue plus posts and likes between me and MY Brian S. and you HAVE to know it all to understand the depth of cracking the earth in half...
  • I meant actually getting Star Wars: The Clone Wars Seasons 7 and 8. I know a lot of the show’s storylines continued into Rebels, along with the occasional novel and/or comic book, but I still would have liked to see those final 2 seasons finished.
  • This week we have Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (dinosaurs and more dinosaurs) Solo: A Star Wars Story, Deadpool and Avengers!! We have the new french film L'Amant Double (which has had really good reviews) Come book tickets in venue or online!!
  • You know, I read a metric assload of StarWars EU books growing up, and they really solidified this image of the Empire as a sexist, racist vanity project of Palpatine's that didn't tolerate anybody different. Just, you know. Pointing that out.
  • This is what MOST StarWars fans are like, whether or not they like every book, show, or character. Most are awesome people and would never dream of threatening, degrading, or hating on either side of the fan base or the actors & producers, etc.
  • CT 1 month ago: “The Book of Henry is a retelling of Star Wars and the monomyth.” CT this month: “The Book of Henry is about accountability for sexual violence.”
  • hey Bryan, surliestgirl and ThaMike should I use my audible token on last shot? Or is there “better” Star Wars books? I have two tokens. I hear the darth Bane stuff is really good too.