Food: A Love Story Audiobook by Jim Gaffigan [Free Download by Trial]

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Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan

The readers can download Food: A Love Story Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Food: A Love Story audiobook by Jim Gaffigan is a fun-filled book by Jim Gaffigan. The book is basically a collection of light-hearted and controversial essays, some of which have been taken from his stand up shows. The book depicts his two-bedroom apartment in New York where he stays with his wife and five children. The author’s family plays an important role in the book.

The book is also filled with few pictures of his brood eating different kinds of food. Gaffigan begins the book by taking the readers on a tour of America and describing the various food items popular in different locations of the US. It is an amazing culinary tour taking the readers from the exotic pizzas of Brooklyn, through every subway drive-through for something fresh.

The author describes his relationship with food and how it all began. He recollects the childhood dinners, college junk food, post-show food hangouts with comedians and his personal favorite foods which he shares with this children. The book is not about food, rather about the relationship which Gaffigan shares with food. He calls himself an “eatie” and not a foodie.

There are description of fruits and vegetables in the book, but the book celebrates mostly unhealthy and tempting food. Some of this thoughts and opinions in the book will sound very familiar to his fans as his stand up comedy shows. Gaffigan also draws some cliché and stereotypes like men like steaks and fixing cars and they need their wife or mother around to ensure that they eat right.


Food: A Love Story audiobook by Jim Gaffigan is inspired from his stand up comedy shows. Many portions of the book give the impression that he is performing in his shows. Each chapter in the book is standalone and does not have any relation with the other chapters. This makes reading the book easier, however, lack of chronology impacts the overall flow of the book.

The book provides a good laugh to the readers. The readers, especially the foodies will be able to relate with the book. The book also provides insights into the family of Gaffigan and his relationship with food. This is a recommended read especially for fans of Gaffigan and foodies as well.

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