All These Worlds: Bobiverse Audiobook by Dennis E. Taylor [Download]

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All These Worlds: Bobiverse, Book 3 by Dennis E. Taylor

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All These Worlds: Bobiverse, Book 3 Audiobook by Dennis E. Taylor is the third and the final novel in the popular Bobiverse series, published in the year 2017. Bob and his Als continue traveling in space for exploring and terraforming planets to make them habitable for humans.

There are hundreds of Bobs now in this book due to cloning. In their quest for searching new homes for humanity, Bob and his clones face competition from Brazilian probe, who are also in a similar quest and want to cut out on the competition. The Bobs try to terraform a planet named Poseidon, however, there is lot of political differences between Marcus-one of the Bobs- and the governing body of the planet. The governing body disagrees to all the points made by Bobs, which leads to confrontations, tension and finally warfare.

The Bobs have managed to set up enough colonies for humanity to survive, however in their endeavor they have picked up a fight with an old and very strong enemy. This enemy is called as Others and is a very advanced alien species. The Others are very powerful and hostile as well.

The Others have decided to annihilate and decimate humanity, wherever they will settle in the galaxy. They are making preparations and racing fast towards attacking Earth to destroy it completely and wipe out the remains of the human civilization. It is now up to a group of younger Bobs to counter this threat and save the Earth and humanity from this dangerous planned attack by the Others.


All These Worlds: Bobiverse, Book 3 Audiobook by Dennis E. Taylor provides a just and logical conclusion to the Bobiverse series. The author has detailed the complex science terminologies relating to astrophysics, time dilation, relativity etc. in a very simple manner which can be understood by the average reader.

The plot moves forward at a furious pace and events unfold fast which will keep the readers engrossed in the novel. The author has also beautifully depicted the significance of being human and mortal in a science fiction world. The book is a recommended read and will appeal even more to science fiction fans and the readers of the Bobiverse series.

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  • So you've made it this far, either debating whether to continue with the third book or seeking validation for your thoughts on it. Here's my take on the final installment of the Bobiverse. Book 3 falls a bit flat as a conclusion to an otherwise engaging story. The major conflict wraps up in a predictable manner, but the journey to that point is unremarkable. Without giving away spoilers, I was hoping for something more satisfying. It felt like the author had to meet a specific word/page count and had to hastily tie up loose ends. I wasn't particularly impressed with how the battle concluded; it felt like a convenient plot device. However, I did appreciate the resolution to the issue surrounding the other characters' homes. Some of the storylines were tied up nicely, though not all of them in my opinion, hence my lukewarm feelings towards it. But hey, I didn't write the book, just read it. Nevertheless, I was still curious to see what would happen next and, overall, I was content with the outcome. If you're in search of a similar series, I recommend checking out Nathan Lowell's "Trader's Tale" series. It may not be mind-blowing, but it's well-crafted and performed. I'm a little bummed that the series is finished, but there's still potential for more stories in the Bobiverse, and I hope the author explores that possibility. Thank you, Mr. Taylor!
  • Did I love it? Absolutely loved it! The narration? Spot-on as usual. Even though all the characters are Bobs, the narrator's ability to differentiate their voices and add unique inflections is exceptionally well executed! I gotta say, I've had an absolute blast reading all three books in the Bobiverse series. They have definitely earned a spot in my top 10 favorites. I sincerely hope this isn't the end of the series. I'm dying to delve deeper into their thrilling adventures and see how the Bobiverse and bobnet continue to expand.
  • This audiobook is full of quirkiness and keeps you engaged throughout. It stands out by presenting a scientifically plausible storyline, something that many stories often miss. It cleverly includes references to "Star Trek" and other science fiction franchises, which would delight fans of shows like "The Big Bang Theory" or "Firefly". What's remarkable is that it manages to make each Bob character individually personalized and uniquely relatable to geeks. And to top it off, the ending is not a disappointment, providing a satisfying closure. The writing is excellent and the narration is top-notch.