An Echo in the Bone Audiobook by Diana Gabaldon [Free Download by Trial]

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An Echo in the Bone: A Novel by Diana Gabaldon

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An Echo in the Bone: A Novel by Diana Gabaldon is the seventh novel in the popular Outlander series. The story begins right where the last book ended. Roger and Brianna return back to the 20th century and they purchase Roger’s family estate Lallybroch. Roger and Brianna along with their two children Jem and Mandy face difficulties in adjusting to their time again after living in the 18th century for considerable amount of time.

As soon as they return back they find a box of letters for them from Jamie and Claire. They read the letters to find out about what happened to their family. One of the letters contain mention of hidden gold, the location of which is only known to Jem. One of Brianna’s co-workers kidnaps Jem and takes him to the past. Roger goes back into the past to search for his son Jem. The same co-worker again appears in front of Brianna and asks her to disclose the location of the hidden gold.

In the 18th century, the revolutionary war is still going on. Jamie, Claire, and Ian catch a ship to go to Scotland but they face shipwreck and end up at Fort Ticonderoga. They get involved in the revolutionary war. After this, they finally manage to reach Scotland. Later on in the plot, Claire comes to know that Jamie is lost in the sea and she herself will be arrested for being a spy. Claire presumes Jamie to be dead. Lord John offers to marry Claire and provide her protection. Later on, Jamie returns from the dead. The remainder of the novel is laden with twists and turns.


An Echo in the Bone: A Novel by Diana Gabaldon has once again weaved her magic of storytelling. She has portrayed the character development and the interplay between them magnificently. The narrative in the novel takes the story forward from where the last book ended. The issues related to time travel have also been described in detail. The author puts forward the characters in detail and their motivation for acting in the manner which they did. The readers will be engaged by the storytelling and the plot. This is a recommended read especially for the readers who have read the earlier books in the series.