Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times by H.W. Brands

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The extraordinary story of Andrew Jackson-the colorful, dynamic, and forceful president who ushered in the Age of Democracy and set a still young America on its path to greatness-told by the bestselling author of The First American.



  • The audiobook 'Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times' truly embodies the essence of patriotism, strength, and wisdom, which has been noticeably absent in the leadership of our nation until a more recent time. It serves as a reminder of the values we hold dear and the potential for greatness within our country.
  • This author has once again delivered a brilliantly crafted book. The author does a fantastic job of delving into the challenges that Andrew Jackson encountered both as a military leader and a politician. While some readers may not be as interested in the war of 1812 and the conflicts on the frontier, it is worth noting that the information presented appears to be mostly accurate.
  • This audiobook delves into the fascinating life and era of Andrew Jackson, a charismatic and uncompromising figure reminiscent of a gunslinging hero. Often referred to as the "Trump of the early 19th century," Jackson's unorthodox journey to the White House was met with opposition from Adams and the elite, who disparagingly labeled his supporters as "the rabble."
  • Personally, I've always had a pretty negative opinion of Jackson. The main aspects of his life and career that are frequently discussed tend to paint him in a negative light. The arrogant and rough young man, the stubborn and authoritarian military leader, the uncompromising and favoritism-prone president - a quick examination of the facts suggests that he was a racist, mean-spirited bully who only respected his own authority. The main strength of this biography is that it challenges many of these negative portrayals and adds some depth to the commonly held perceptions of Old Hickory. Now, don't get me wrong - I still think he was a bit of a jerk by today's standards. However, with some context about his political career and personal character, the sharp edges are softened a bit. As a result, I was surprised to discover a bias in the things I had previously read and heard about Jackson. After all, isn't good history about learning to see events from different perspectives? The storytelling was decent enough. It was a bit inconsistent, sometimes digressing with excessive amounts of background information while leaving out important details at other times. The account of the Dickenson duel was particularly well executed, probably the highlight of the book. However, the latter part of Jackson's life was rushed through with less detail. It was odd that there was hardly any mention of Polk, especially considering Jackson earned the nickname "young hickory." Overall, this is the best book available on Jackson from this service, and it adequately tells his story.
  • Brands has penned -- and Mayer skillfully narrated -- a remarkably detailed retelling of the life of Andrew Jackson and the tumultuous shift towards "democracy" in the United States. As one listens to Brands' narrative, even after 175 years, it's impossible not to be amazed by how little the political culture has changed, yet equally impressed by the incredible achievements of a man who started from humble beginnings and persevered through lifelong physical challenges. For those who fret over the current "bitterness" and "divisions" in politics, take solace in the fact that it was just as intense, if not worse, during Jackson's time. Brands delves into various controversial topics, from slavery to the establishment of a central bank, painting a vivid picture of the era. Jackson's personal journey serves as an inspiring testament to what an individual with strong principles can accomplish, even if some of those principles are deemed flawed by certain individuals.
  • I really enjoyed this book! H.W Brands does a fantastic job of recounting the life of Andrew Jackson. It must have been quite challenging to write a biography of such a polarizing figure. However, Brands does an exceptional job of presenting a comprehensive picture, including both the positive and negative aspects. What's most impressive is how Brands effectively captures the historical context in which Jackson lived and the circumstances that influenced his difficult and controversial decisions. Brands presents the facts without trying to judge them by today's standards or making excuses, providing a clear understanding of pivotal moments in Jackson's life and American history. The audiobook version narrated by John H. Mayer is outstanding. Mayer's performance adds even more value to the already engaging narrative. Overall, this is an outstanding piece of work that is definitely worth reading.