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Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

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'You'll have no choice but to tear through this book!''Jay Asher, author of the New York Times bestseller Thirteen Reasons Why



  • This audiobook is complete trash. It's filled with nonsensical, idiotic content. I would definitely return it, but alas, it's a buy one, get one deal. If you're a fan of smart and clever young adult fiction, steer clear of this one.
  • After reading reviews like "Mesmerizing," "Great Narrator!," and "Great for any age," I was enticed to purchase "Before I Fall." However, I quickly realized that it was a big mistake. It's easy to lose interest in the story, and the narrator becomes irritating. Perhaps that's intentional to match the character's personality, but it becomes difficult to endure after a couple of hours. Furthermore, this book is clearly targeted towards teenage girls and doesn't appeal to a wider audience. Personally, I found it hard to care about the characters' obsession with matching outfits or their shared love for pretentiously named coffees. Additionally, lengthy discussions about terrible driving skills and high school parties dominate the first two hours of the book, which I found tedious.
  • The plot of 'Before I Fall' is really uninteresting. The way Rob, Lindsay, and the other characters speak is just terrible. No one talks like that in real life. I guess the narrator is attempting to make each character's voice distinct, but it's really irritating.
  • I found the story of 'Before I Fall' to be quite captivating and it was definitely an enjoyable listen. What I particularly appreciated was the fact that I could multitask while listening to it - whether it was doing chores, driving, or taking breaks - and still keep up with the plot without losing my place or forgetting what was happening. The main character's voice was pleasant, but I must say that the narrator didn't do justice to the other characters, particularly the male voices.
  • The start of this book was a bit tough to get through while listening. The main character is unbelievably cruel, making it difficult to connect with her. Nevertheless, this actually adds to the brilliance and emotional impact of the story as she reveals her true self and undergoes a transformation throughout the rest of the book. The narration is well-done, and the plot is incredibly distinct and extraordinary. It unquestionably leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.
  • I was a bit hesitant about purchasing this book because I've already graduated from high school and left my teenage years behind. But I'm really glad that I decided to give it a chance! It's an amazing book filled with vibrant analogies and vivid descriptions. I really hope they turn it into a movie too! There are plenty of unexpected turns and a couple of surprising moments. I had to try my best to hold back my tears at the conclusion. I strongly suggest it to everyone!
  • This audiobook was a major disappointment. It's hard to believe that the same author who wrote the thought-provoking and intelligent novel, Delirium, could produce something as shallow and cliched as this. Before I Fall presents a negative and superficial view of teenagers, focusing on popularity, looks, and shallowness. The main character is completely devoid of worth and is difficult to sympathize with. It almost seems like the author has a strong dislike for teenagers and people in general. While there may be some truth to the portrayal of certain aspects of teenage life, the exaggeration presented here is disgusting and cheap. It's not something that should be exposed to impressionable teenagers who have the potential to be much more than this book suggests. The story itself becomes insignificant when overshadowed by the repulsive characters and their vapid and hateful perspectives. It's hard to look past their despicable nature and engage with the plot. The author should be ashamed of creating such detestable characters. Parents, if you care about your children, I advise against recommending this audiobook to them. And if you value your own intelligence, it's best to avoid wasting your time on it. The author's previous work, Delirium, is a much better use of your time. In Before I Fall, the characters are shallow, hateful, and worthless, amplifying the worst aspects of teenagers and humans in general. The book offers an examination of what the author imagines to be the shallow and hateful world of teenagers, but it's a shameful representation. The author should feel deeply ashamed, especially if she truly wrote the other book attributed to her.
  • Many reviewers before me have compared Before I Fall to movies like Groundhog Day and Mean Girls, and I must say, it's a fitting comparison that perfectly captures the essence of the book. To put it simply, this book had me laughing out loud and even shedding a few tears (which I'm not proud of) while I was listening to it in my car. Although it falls under the young adult genre, it is written so skillfully that older readers will have no trouble immersing themselves in its story.
  • I had such a great time listening to this audiobook. The plot is incredibly unique and the narrator does such an amazing job at conveying the emotions. I was so impressed that I ended up downloading another book by Lauren Oliver called "Delirium" just because Sarah Drew narrated it as well. This story really resonated with me and I'm eagerly anticipating what Lauren Oliver will release next.