Behind Her Eyes: A Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Behind Her Eyes: A Novel by Sarah Pinborough

The readers can download Behind Her Eyes: A Novel Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Behind Her Eyes: A Novel Audiobook by Sarah Pinborough is an interesting and engaging suspense thriller. Lousie is a divorced single mother. She is unhappy and unsatisfied with her life. Her son has gone to live with his father after the divorce. She is totally lonely in life and longs for companionship.

David has moved to a new town as a consultant psychiatrist with his beautiful wife Adele. They are a couple who seems to have everything in life. However, things are not always as they seem. One evening Lousie meets David in a bar and they end up sleeping together. Things turn awkward for her the next morning when she discovers David as her new boss.

Lousie meets Adele on the street. They start knowing each other and become friends shortly. Lousie comes to know later that Adele is, in fact, David’s wife and she is hiding their friendship from her husband. Louise also suspects that Adele is hiding something from her about her marriage and relationship with David. It is revealed that David and Adele do not have the perfect marriage and are not the ideal couple which they appear to be. David is a total control freak and keeps Adele on a tight leash. He calls her during fixed times to check on her and ensure if she is fine. He locks away her personal notes and also controls her large inheritance. Lousie finds herself awkwardly involved in the couple’s life and things only start getting stickier and difficult for her.



Behind Her Eyes: A Novel Audiobook by Sarah Pinborough is a well-written suspense thriller. It combines multiple genres. The narrative is told from the alternating point of view of Louise and Adele. The plot is brisk and filled with twists and turns. This will keep the readers engaged and guessing on the suspense till the climax.

The characters have been well developed and the readers will relate to them and their motivation to act in a particular manner. The climax is totally unpredictable and shocking for even the most experienced readers. Some critics do not like the novel as the author has held back too much from the readers in an effort to provide an surprising ending. Overall, it can be read by the fans of the suspense thriller genre.