Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit by Chris Matthews

The readers can download Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


A revealing new portrait of Robert F. Kennedy that gets closer to the man than any book before, by bestselling author Chris Matthews, an esteemed Kennedy expert and anchor of MSNBC's Hardball.



  • Listening to Chris Mathews narrate his own book 'Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit' can be quite grueling. It's almost reminiscent of watching an episode of Hardball. The initial portion of the book mainly consists of recapping other books about John Kennedy, with Bobby playing somewhat of a secondary character. However, if you can endure the narration, the overall experience does improve.
  • Matthews does a fantastic job conveying the intricate details, seamless flow, and passionate spirit in "Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit." However, the narration falls short with its fast-paced delivery reminiscent of a breathless TV broadcast. This does a disservice to the overall listening experience, the extensive research put into the book, and the significant legacy of the subject. It's unfortunate. Perhaps, they should consider using a different narrator to bring a fresh perspective to the audiobook.
  • This book provides a decent history of RFK, but since his political journey was closely intertwined with JFK, there is a significant overlap with Matthews' previous books on JFK. While there are a few RFK-specific details included, they are not extensive. The standout aspect of the book is its title, which carries multiple meanings. In terms of writing, it is passable but not exceptional. Matthews, known for his witty commentary and participation in discussions, does not translate these qualities well into compelling historical writing. There were a few interesting facts and perspectives that were new to me, but overall, this biography felt somewhat superficial. To gain different perspectives, I may explore other RFK histories. While Matthews is one of my favorite interviewers, his narration in this audiobook came across as somewhat dull and monotonous.