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Camino Island by John Grisham

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The story of Camino Island by John Grisham audiobook takes places in Camino Island, Florida, as its title suggests.

Everything begins with a robbery from a secure vault below Princeton University’s Firestone Library. Even if what the thieves took is insured for twenty-five million dollars, the loot is actually priceless.

Bruce Cable has a popular bookstore in Camino Island, Florida, but his real business is a dealer of rare books that he often finds in the black market of stolen book and manuscripts. Things start to change when he meets Mercer Mann, an unemployed young novelist that is going through a writer’s block and that accepts a good amount of money for going undercover and infiltrating in the circle of literary friends of Bruce Cable to discover his secrets.

Things go wrong when Mercer learns more than she should and problems start to appear.


Camino Island by John Grisham audiobook is a thriller that seems different from the rest of the work of Grisham. The story starts with a brilliant scene: the theft of a number of priceless Fitzgerald manuscripts from a Princeton library. We see how thieves perform the whole thing and manage to escape. The police and PBI are working in the case. Two of the thieves are caught but none of them talks. The trail goes cold and they decide to send a woman undercover in an attempt to save the documents.

This is when Mercer appears, an unemployed young novelist that will go undercover and infiltrate in the life of Bruce Cable, the owner of a bookstore in Florida that tends to buy stolen books and manuscripts from the black market. She starts learning the secrets of Cable and she will try to get the stolen loot back.

This book has a different style from the rest of the books of Grisham. Opposite from the majority of his novels, Camino Island is not a legal thriller and it does not have so many action or tense scenes.

A great thing about this audiobook is its dialogues, especially if you are a book lover. The discussions that Bruce and his companions have while eating are awesome. Also, the whole plot is a literary mystery, so it is perfect for those who love reading.

If you want to read something different from Grisham but with the same amount of mysteries and thrill, you should definitely download Camino Island!


How different is Camino Island from the rest of the books from Grisham?

Camino Island is the first book that does not have lawyers as main characters and which mystery is not legal but literary.

Is Camino Island as good as the rest of the work of Grisham?

We could not say that this is the best book of Grisham but it certainly has all the elements that make his books so great: mystery, plotwists, memorable events, well-written characters and a good rhythm.

Does Camino Island talk too much about books?

Although it is a literary mystery, you don’t need to be a genius of literature to enjoy. Being a book lover is just a plus.

Would you recommend Camino Island?

We completely recommend Camino Island to all of those people who want to enjoy a good mystery that is not too dense and that does not get boring.

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