Cibola Burn Audiobook by James S.A. Corey [Free Download]

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Cibola Burn: The Expanse, Book 4 by James S. A. Corey

The readers can download Cibola Burn: The Expanse, Book 4 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Cibola Burn in a science fiction audiobook by James S.A Corey whose pen name is Daniel Abraham as well as Ty Franck. The book is the fourth book in the series The Expanse. It tells the story of the crew of the Rocinante Ship that joins the flow of humanity in the outer space using space gates that were built by an ancient civilization but that also generated the protomolecule.

After the release of this book James S.A. Corey announces three more books in addition to the two that were previously announced, having a total of 9 books in the series.

Some of the most important characters in the story are Basia Merton, one of the refugees from Ganymedes; Elvi Okoye, a scientist included in a team that was sent by the United Nations; Dmitri Havelock who was Miller’s partner on Ceres; James Holden and Miller.

It is undoubtedly another incredible story from this largely praised saga.


In Cibolar Burn, an audiobook by James S.A. Corey, you will find an entire universe filled with Interstellar Gates that are relics left behind by long disappeared civilizations that offer access to a thousand start systems. Despite the vast amount of planets, the war for territory breaks and threatens the refugees who are running to protection to a planet called llus while Royal Charter Energy prefers to address to it as New Terra, who also claims it under the power of the U.N. Charter.

The colonists commit and act of terrorism for fearing the vast corporations encroachment on their home, this terrorist act leads to a spiral of violence.

In response to this, the space captain James Holden is dispatched to rebuild the peace and as a result, he is caught between the two factions at war that are equally determined to win.

Even worse, additionally to the local fauna that is turning against humanity, rest of the force responsible for the disappearance of an alien race is awakening.

This amazing sequel of Abaddon’s Gate book combines adventure with uncommon decency. You will definitely enjoy of a great adventure like no other.

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  • I'm really glad that this audiobook was narrated again, especially with the original series narrator. It's a job well done. This installment of the series is particularly outstanding because it gives you a deeper understanding of where the story is headed. Overall, it's absolutely fantastic and I'm grateful for it.
  • This latest addition is pretty solid, definitely enjoyable, although not quite up to par with some of the previous ones. Regrettably, the new narrator doesn't quite nail the characters as effectively as the previous one did, which makes it a bit more challenging to stay engaged. Nevertheless, it's still worth giving it a listen.
  • I've been a fan of the series until now, and while this installment might be on par with the previous books, there's one major drawback - they switched narrators. Personally, I didn't appreciate this change as it felt disruptive, and it took away from the overall experience of the series. I found myself just going through the motions of listening, rather than fully immersing myself in the story. The new narrator's style felt so forced and artificial compared to the previous books, which made it quite tiring to listen to. It's unfortunate that this happened to a series that I enjoy, and I really hope they avoid such changes in the future.