Come Sundown Audiobook by Nora Roberts [Free Download by Trial]

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Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

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Come Sundown Audiobook by Nora Roberts is a novel of romance, family ties, relationships, and suspense. The plot opens in the year 1991 when Alice is returning home to her family property few years after she left it. Alice has made few mistakes in her past but she is only 21 and she is hopeful that her family will forgive her for her wrongdoings. She takes lift with the wrong man and is reportedly missing after that.

The plot then moves to the present day. The Longbow family run their family business of the Bodine Ranch and Resort in western Montana. The business is in its fourth generation now and is managed by the beautiful and enterprising Bodine Longbow. She has help of a large staff and Callen Skinner- a new hire- for managing the business. Bodine’s aunt Alice is not spoken of in the family who think of her as the black sheep of the family. The younger ones who did not see Alice quietly presume that she is dead. Though as the story progresses, we get to know that she is not far away from them.

The body of a bartender is found in the ranch, battered in the snow. This is the first sign that imminent danger is lurking nearby. A local cop has a grudge against Callen and the police start to suspect him for the crime. Bodine though places her complete trust and faith on Callen and believes him to be innocent. However, there are others who are new to the ranch and resort and could have been involved with the crime also.


Come Sundown Audiobook by Nora Roberts is a smartly written novel with an array of characters. The characters have been fleshed out well by the author and the readers will be able to relate to them and with their actions. The author has also nicely portrayed the complexities of the characters and their thought process to the readers. The narrative is balanced and moves ahead briskly which keeps the readers engaged. The suspense builds slowly and the readers will be craving to know the truth in the climax. This is another successful novel written by Roberts and is a must-read.