Dark Hollow: A Thriller Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Dark Hollow: A Thriller

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Charlier Parker, a former New York City detective with a haunted past befirends a down and out mother with a small child. When she turns up dead, Charlie's first suspect is her estranged husband. Charlie follows the man's trail to Maine and there he becomes entangled in a series of strange occurances which all seem to hark back to a string of unsolved murders that took place generations before. The murders were never solved and now Charlie must hunt for a killer and the connection between two crimes that span a century.


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  • I'm addicted to Bird, Louis, Angel and the rest. This series is by far, the best mix of supernatural thriller and detective mystery I've ever come across. I hope that John Connolly continues to give life to Charlie and the crew for many years to come.