Diary of a Street Diva Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Diary of a Street Diva

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Remy Morgan, a young girl born and raised in the heart of the ghetto, gets caught up in the life when she meets a drug lord who offers her the world. Young and naive, she is trapped in a game of lies, deception, and greed and learns the hard way that everything that glitters ain't gold. After her love is slain, Remy is forced back into the life that she desperately tried to forget.



  • I gotta say, 'Diary of a Street Diva' is hands down one of the dopest books I've come across in this genre. But you know what really sealed the deal? That ending, man. It's what took this bad boy to a whole new level. Trust me when I say, you're gonna have a blast reading this one!
  • I really enjoyed this one! The story of Kadafi was a bit predictable, but there were some surprises that caught me off guard, like Betty Nettie’s revelation in court. All in all, I thought the book was excellent.
  • The story, overall, was decent and somewhat expected. Having listened to a few books from this author, it's apparent that they have a certain writing style that tends to be predictable, which isn't really my cup of tea. As for the narrator, she was quite awful. Her reading was disjointed, with pauses in the middle of sentences and a repetitive rhythm. If you can overlook the narrator, I would still suggest giving the book a shot.
  • I really enjoyed reading "Diary of a Street Diva" and it makes me want to read more books by Ashley & JaQuavis. There were certain moments in the story that almost brought tears to my eyes.
  • The main character in this book is incredibly foolish. It's frustrating to think that I invested my time hoping for an engaging storyline, only to find that things went downhill. I feel let down and quite dissatisfied.
  • When I initially got my hands on this book, I had some reservations. However, I can genuinely say that it exceeded my expectations. The hardships that Remy encountered and the surprising turn of events at the conclusion left me pondering over numerous unanswered questions. Nevertheless, it was an incredibly captivating read. Now, I'm eagerly preparing myself to delve into the second installment.
  • I've been a huge supporter of their writing for a long time. I possess each and every one of their collaborative and individual books. However, this particular one didn't live up to my expectations. The plot was incredibly slow and uneventful until the very end. It felt like the story was unnecessarily prolonged, making it quite dull. I must admit, the only redeeming aspect of this book was the conclusion. To be honest, I can't fathom how they managed to produce such a disappointing piece of work. I am well aware of their capabilities, and they are capable of so much more. On a positive note, Honey Jones did an outstanding job as the narrator, which was the sole reason I persevered and finished this book.