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Dog Tags

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A German Shepherd police dog witnesses a murder and if his owner--an Iraq war vet and former cop-turned-thief--is convicted of the crime, the dog could be put down. Few rival Andy Carpenter's affection for dogs, and he decides to represent the poor canine. As Andy struggles to convince a judge that this dog should be set free, he discovers that the dog and his owner have become involved unwittingly in a case of much greater proportions than the one they've been charged with. Andy will have to call upon the unique abilities of this ex-police dog to help solve the crime and prevent a catastrophic event from taking place.



  • I'm not really into it when Andy attempts to tackle stories set in other countries. He should stick to what he's familiar with. The story itself was peculiar and confusing. However, I'm a big fan of his work overall. This particular book isn't at the top of my list in the series.
  • I'm a huge fan of this series, but I have to admit that the decision to focus on both sides of the story became quite frustrating for me. In my opinion, the author had already done a fantastic job without shifting the perspective of the characters. Personally, I'm hoping that the next installment returns to the format of the previous ones, rather than continuing with this approach.
  • Andy Carpenter, the protagonist of 'Dog Tags', is a savvy lawyer who doesn't have to work too hard thanks to his wealth. Along with his ex-convict friend Willie, whom Andy helped release, he runs a dog rescue. Billy, a former cop who lost his leg in Iraq, adopts his old police dog Milo and trains him to steal. However, things take a turn when Milo is caught in the middle of a shooting and Billy becomes the prime suspect. Andy is asked to represent Milo and help prove Billy's innocence. As the investigation unfolds, it becomes clear that there is more at stake, including other murders, missing people, and corruption. Andy assembles his team of investigators, including his partner Laurie, research expert Hike, accountant Sam, and the formidable Marcus, to uncover the truth. With plenty of action, plot twists, and humorous moments, this audiobook is a must-listen. Grover Gardner's narration perfectly captures the intensity and humor of the story, making it a highly recommended listen for fans of the series. If you haven't started this series yet, I suggest beginning from the first book for maximum enjoyment.
  • The books in this series are lots of fun. Lovable knockabout characters, light hearted but still well plotted. Very easy listening, great narration. Safe easy and enjoyable if you are looking for something light.