Dreams of a Dark Warrior Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Dreams of a Dark Warrior

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A ruthless Norse warrior will defeat anything standing between him and his beautiful obsession—even death itself.



  • Regin's happily ever after finally arrives in "Dreams of a Dark Warrior," which takes place at the same time as Lucia's and Carrow's stories. Regin was once betrothed to Aidan the Fierce, but his untimely death kept bringing him back, only to perish again each time he remembered their love. Regin's life takes a turn when she is captured by Magistrate Declan Chase, who, as it turns out, is Aidan's new reincarnation. As Regin falls deeper in love with Declan, she is torn by the destruction he causes to those she holds dear. She possesses the power to save him by helping him remember their love, but she is weary of losing Aidan repeatedly. "Dreams of a Dark Warrior" is an intense emotional rollercoaster for the main characters, filled with pain. While I did like Declan, he didn't captivate me the way Garreth and the previous male leads did. Although it lacked some of the humorous moments, the book did have its share of heartfelt scenes. I must applaud Cole's ability to weave multiple storylines concurrently, each with its own journey to a happily ever after. Well done! *sigh* Up next is Lothaire, that deceptive vampire. I'm still furious about what he did to Carrow and the lies he fed young Thad. I hope his redemption comes in his own book.
  • This series is absolutely amazing, I'm totally hooked. The world of Lore and the immortal characters are just captivating. "Dreams of a Dark Warrior" focuses on Regan's journey, and it's just as fantastic as the previous books in the series. If you haven't experienced the entire series yet, you're seriously missing out. Robert Petkoff is hands down the greatest male narrator I've ever heard. Is it worth using a credit for? Absolutely, without a doubt, yes, yes, and yes!!!!