Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie by Jordan Sonnenblick

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Thirteen-year-old Steven has a totally normal life (well, almost): He plays drums in the All-Star Jazz Band, has a crush on the hottest girl in school (who doesn't know he's alive), frequently finds himself sitting across from his school counselor (who bribes him with candy), and is constantly annoyed by his five-year-old brother, Jeffrey (who is cuter than cute).




  • This audiobook has the absolute best narration I've ever experienced. Seriously, the narration can either make or break a book in my opinion. The narrator, Joel, does an incredible job with voice modulation and making the characters feel distinct. It's like he brings the story of Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie to life. Right from the start, the book dives into the mystery of the title, "dangerous pie." It delves into the lives of Steven, a 13-year-old, and his younger brother Jeffrey. Let me tell you, this book will have you experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. You'll laugh, cry (and I mean ugly cry), and even laugh while you have tears streaming down your face. It's a real emotional journey. At its core, this is a heartwarming tale about family, love, loss, and, of course, drums. Although it's targeted towards adolescents, I would recommend it to people of all ages. If you ever have the opportunity, give the audiobook a listen. It's truly a work of art.
  • I had the pleasure of reading this book when I was in the 5th grade, and I must say that it was just as enjoyable then as it is now. The story revolves around Steven and his younger brother Jeffery, and it beautifully captures the various emotions they go through. Personally, this book resonated with me on a deep level as I experienced the loss of my grandmother to cancer and went through the rollercoaster of grief. Fortunately, the story offers a happy ending, although it does have its fair share of poignant moments as well as humorous ones. I also want to give a shoutout to the narrator who did an exceptional job bringing the story to life.
  • I reckon this book is more suited for kids in middle school since the main character is an 8th grader. Nevertheless, it's so heartwarming and hilarious, it'll have you shedding tears and wanting to give your own kids a tighter and longer hug today. It really makes you appreciate what you have. Absolutely adore this book!
  • My son had to read 'Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie' for school and he suggested that I give it a try. We found the characters relatable to our own family dynamics. It was interesting to see the complicated relationship between the older and younger brothers, with the younger one looking up to his older sibling. As a mother myself, I empathized with Steven and Jeffrey's mom as she took charge and navigated through her son's battle with cancer. The story evoked a range of emotions in me - I found myself laughing and crying. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and I'm now eager to download the sequel.
  • Even after years of reading to my kids, I still find joy in picking up a children's or young adult novel from time to time. The glowing reviews for "Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie" caught my attention, urging me to give it a shot. The familiar theme of a boy navigating his younger brother's battle with cancer made me hesitant, as I felt like I had consumed numerous books with similar stories that failed to captivate me as an adult. However, the protagonist, a clever yet insecure young man, blending witty remarks with genuine emotions associated with growing up, was executed exceptionally by the author. This teenage boy leads a wonderful family life, harbors deep affection for a popular girl in his class who doesn't reciprocate, and remains blissfully unaware of another girl's kind-hearted affection towards him. All rather typical occurrences. Still, the author handled these elements skillfully, evoking nostalgic feelings of how much I would have adored this book during my own 13-year-old days. Admittedly, the predictability of the plot made me smirk, but given its brevity, I decided to soldier on instead of quitting. Surprisingly, the second half of the novel gradually reeled me in, making me develop genuine emotions towards the story and its characters. By the end, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the book. I appreciate the author's choice to explore a relatively uncommon sub-genre centered around middle school-aged boys. Although the main characters are brothers, I believe middle school girls would equally, if not more, appreciate the story. It's a shame this author wasn't around when my own sons were that age. The narrative possessed a humorous tone while also touching on deeper themes, making it feel genuine and relatable to family life in a positive way.
  • As a 35-year-old guy who's been hitting the gym for two decades, running marathons, and cruising around in a badass sports car and a customized 1.3 liter motorcycle, I used to work in a field that's considered "special" by others. But let me tell you, being a father to a three-year-old boy completely changed my perspective. I found myself holding back tears, desperately trying to hide my emotions from others or even pulling over while driving because I couldn't focus on anything else. It's unimaginable what parents go through, let alone an older sibling. It's mind-boggling how we often forget or fail to grasp just how fortunate some of us are. This book is an absolute must-read for everyone.