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Dry Bones

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What happened to Jacques Gaillard? The brilliant teacher at the École Nationale d'Administration, who trained some of France's best and brightest as future prime ministers and presidents, vanished ten years ago, presumably from Paris. This ten-year-old mystery inspires a bet-one that Enzo Macleod, a biologist teaching in Toulouse, France, instead of pursuing a brilliant career in forensics back home in Scotland, can ill afford to lose. The wager is that Enzo can find out what happened to Jacques Gaillard by applying new science to a cold case.



  • Totally enjoyed this! I prefer slow paced, intricate works and this one fit the bill. Very much along the lines of the Gamache series by Louise Penny, I completely enjoyed everything about this story.
  • Very engaging story with a lot of twists to keep the interest up. Facts are well thought through and presented in a logical sequence. My wife and I listen on the car radio when travelling, and about midway through she insisted we spend the next evening listening to the final half in one sitting. Audiobook bingeing so to speak. We are hooked and onto another Enzo book in the series. Well done.