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Edge of Evil

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The end of her high-profile broadcasting career came too soon for TV journalist Alison Reynolds'bounced off the air by executives who wanted a "younger face." With a divorce from her cheating husband of ten years also pending, there is nothing keeping her in L.A. any longer. Cut loose from her moorings, Ali is summoned back home to Sedona, Arizona, by the death of a childhood friend. Once there she seeks solace in the comforting rhythms of her parents' diner, the Sugarloaf Caf', and launches an on-line blog as therapy for others who have been similarly cut loose.



  • The storytelling in 'Edge of Evil' is solid, although there are instances where certain characters make questionable decisions. The pacing of the narrative is a bit sluggish when it comes to introducing the characters and establishing the plot.
  • I have listened to a lot of suspense and cop novels and this author really does a great job. The main character is sometimes frustrating but almost always very logical and reasonable and actually helps me with my own personal day to day interactions be being a model for being a good person.