Eight Hundred Grapes: A Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Eight Hundred Grapes: A Novel

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A breakout novel from an author who "positively shines with wisdom and intelligence," (Jonathan Tropper, This Is Where I leave You) "Laura Dave writes with humor and insight about relationships in all their complexity, whether she's describing siblings or fiancés or a couple long-married. Eight Hundred Grapes is a captivating story about the power of family, the limitations of love, and what becomes of a life's work" (J. Courtney Sullivan, Maine).What if your beloved fiancé, he of the crinkly smile and the irresistible British accent, had kept a life-changing secret from you? And what if, just a week before your dream wedding, you discovered it? When these questions become realities for bride-to-be Georgia Ford, she does the only thing that seems to make sense. She runs. She hops in her car and drives through the night, from Los Angeles to Sonoma, to her safe haven, to her messy and loving family, and their acclaimed family winery. Georgia craves the company of those who know her best, and whom she truly knows. And, on the eve of the harvest, Georgia knows she'll find solace-and distraction-in familiar rituals. But when Georgia arrives home, nothing is at all familiar. Her parents, her brothers, the family business, are all unrecognizable. It seems her fiancé isn't the only one who's been keeping secrets. And, much to Georgia's dismay, it seems likely that this harvest may be the family's last. Bestselling author Laura Dave has been dubbed "a wry observer of modern love" (USA TODAY), a "decadent storyteller" (Marie Claire), and "compulsively readable" (Woman's Day). Set in the lush backdrop of Sonoma's wine country, Eight Hundred Grapes is a heartbreaking, funny, and deeply evocative novel about love, marriage, family, wine, and the treacherous terrain in which they all intersect.



  • I had high hopes for this book, but unfortunately, it just didn't click with me. I couldn't establish a connection with any of the characters, especially Georgia. The family drama didn't capture my interest, and I found the ending to be quite predictable. Additionally, the narration of the male voices and Ben's British accent didn't appeal to me. However, I did appreciate the consistent presence of wine throughout the story.
  • Give this book a different title and it would fit right in with all the clichéd love stories out there. I saw the ending coming from a mile away. When it comes to the narration, it's nothing special. The narrator has a nice voice, but her attempt at an English accent was absurd and annoying. In general, the service should improve their synopses. This isn't the first time I've been let down after diving into one of their books.