ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible: The Bible for Life Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible: The Bible for Life by Crossway

The readers can download ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible: The Bible for Life Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Would you believe it took nearly 500 years to translate the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible? That's because the ESV builds on the great translations of the past - including William Tyndale's New Testament of 1526 and the King James Version (KJV) of 1611. But the ESV Bible also builds on the best Christian scholarship of the last 100 years.



  • The content and narration of the ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible: The Bible for Life are solid, no doubt about that. However, one major gripe I have is the absence of any reference to the specific book being read. It's quite frustrating not knowing which part of the Bible is being played. While the chapters are announced, there's no mention of the book, and the breakdowns don't provide any written notation either. As a result, it leaves the listener feeling a bit annoyed. Victoria
  • One big issue with this audio Bible is that it lacks any audio or visual cues to indicate which book of the Bible is being played. This drawback makes it difficult for me to recommend this audio Bible.
  • This audio book is overall fantastic, but the organization of the chapters could use some improvement. Unfortunately, when I downloaded the book, there were no labels for the chapters, making it difficult to map them to the corresponding books in the Holy Bible. The existing legends that were provided are no longer accurate, at least as of 8/12/20 when I purchased the book. However, I managed to put together a more helpful legend below. It was quite a challenge, but here's hoping it makes it easier for others! Best of luck. Legend: - Audio Introduction: Chapter 1 - Genesis: Chapter 2 - Exodus: Chapter 52 - Leviticus: Chapter 92 - Numbers: Chapter 119 - Deuteronomy: Chapter 155 - Joshua: Chapter 189 - Judges: Chapter 213 - Ruth: Chapter 234 - 1 Samuel: Chapter 238 - 2 Samuel: Chapter 269 - 1 Kings: Chapter 293 - 2 Kings: Chapter 315 - 1 Chronicles: Chapter 340 - 2 Chronicles: Chapter 369 - Ezra: Chapter 405 - Nehemiah: Chapter 415 - Esther: Chapter 428 - Job: Chapter 438 - Psalms: Chapter 480 - Proverbs: Chapter 630 - Book Advertisement: Chapter 661 - Ecclesiastes: Chapter 662 - Song of Solomon: Chapter 674 - Isaiah: Chapter 682 - Jeremiah: Chapter 748 - Lamentations: Chapter 800 - Book Advertisement: Chapter 805 - Ezekiel: Chapter 806 - Daniel: Chapter 854 - Hosea: Chapter 866 - Joel: Chapter 880 - Amos: Chapter 883 - Obadiah: Chapter 892 - Jonah: Chapter 893 - Micah: Chapter 897 - Nahum: Chapter 904 - Habakkuk: Chapter 907 - Zephaniah: Chapter 910 - Haggai: Chapter 913 - Zechariah: Chapter 915 - Malachi: Chapter 929 - Book Advertisement: Chapter 933 - Matthew: Chapter 934 - Mark: Chapter 962 - Luke: Chapter 978 - John: Chapter 1002 - Book Advertisement: Chapter 1023 - Acts: Chapter 1024 - Romans: Chapter 1052 - 1 Corinthians: Chapter 1068 - 2 Corinthians: Chapter 1084 - Galatians: Chapter 1097 - Ephesians: Chapter 1103 - Philippians: Chapter 1109 - Colossians: Chapter 1113 - 1 Thessalonians: Chapter 1117 - 2 Thessalonians: Chapter 1122 - 1 Timothy: Chapter 1125 - 2 Timothy: Chapter 1131 - Titus: Chapter 1135 - Philemon: Chapter 1138 - Hebrews: Chapter 1139 - James: Chapter 1152 - 1 Peter: Chapter 1157 - 2 Peter: Chapter 1162 - 1 John: Chapter 1165 - 2 John: Chapter 1170 - 3 John: Chapter 1171 - Jude: Chapter 1172 - Revelation: Chapter 1173
  • I'm sorry to say that this audiobook was a major letdown. It's difficult, if not impossible, to find a specific book or chapter quickly and start listening. This app is far from user-friendly and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. It's truly disheartening because my husband spent his hard-earned money on this, hoping I could easily listen to the Word during my walks. Unfortunately, navigating through this app is anything but smooth. It's easy to get lost, frustrated, and eventually give up.
  • I'm only giving this a single star because the download consists of fifteen parts that are completely disorganized and unlabeled. I've had to go through each of the downloads and take note of the total time to try and create a chronological order for listening. But honestly, for a price tag of $50, I expected much better organization!
  • The audio version of the ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible: The Bible for Life has its content divided into multiple downloadable sections. However, the issue lies in the lack of clear labeling indicating which specific books of the Bible are included in each section. As a result, locating a particular book to listen to becomes a bit of a guessing game. On a positive note, the audio Bible is enjoyable to listen to, featuring great voices and impressive inflection. Overall, it comes highly recommended.
  • The ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible: The Bible for Life only consists of 15 files, as opposed to the KJV version from the same publisher, which has almost 66 files, one for each book of the Bible. This can make it challenging to locate a specific book and chapter efficiently, as the name of each file does not provide a list of the books included in it. Instead, they are labeled with a "Part 1" through "Part 15" suffix at the end of each file title. Depending on the scrolling mechanism on your player, it may be difficult to view and use these suffixes effectively. In contrast, the KJV version starts each file title with the book name, such as "Genesis," and mostly includes only one book per file, which is the ideal setup.
  • If you're in search of the New Testament, this could be a useful resource. Number 12 includes the books of Jonah to Mark, although it's a shame about this. Number 13 covers Luke to Romans. Number 14 includes 1 Corinthians to James. Lastly, number 15 covers 1 Peter to Revelation.
  • This audio version of the ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible: The Bible for Life is absolutely stunning. The translation is simply exquisite and lends itself perfectly to being read aloud. Furthermore, the narrator's voice is incredibly pleasant, adding just the right amount of significance to each word. I cannot recommend this audiobook highly enough.