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Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

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The story of a Chinese American family is highlighted in the book Everything I Never Told You: A Novel Audiobook by Celeste Ng. The book is based in the 1970s. Lydia is the favorite child of the couple Marilyn and James Lee. She is the apple of the eye of the couple. The couple decides that the dreams which they were not able to fulfill will be now fulfilled by theirdaughter. They aim to make her a doctor rather than a homemaker. She is even equally successful in her social life as well as in the school. She is in the limelight wherever she goes.

All this comes to a tragic end when our bodies found in a local lake. This is when it becomes difficult for the Lee family to keep themselves intact. As secrets come tumbling out of the closet, they find it even difficult to keep your family intact. James Lee is affected by his guilt and sets out on a journey which might end up destroying his marriage. Marilyn, on the other hand, wants revenge. The older brother Nathan is blaming a boy by the name of Jack in the neighborhood. It is only the youngest sister Hannah who might actually know what happened.

The gripping tale of the entire family and their struggles after the death of a family member is uncovered in the book which makes the story not only gripping but also highlights the sensitive side of the family. In a way, the book also highlights the cultural differences which the Chinese American family might face.


The progression of the story might seem a bit predictable but nevertheless, the story is equally interesting. As a result, it becomes easier for you to be intertwined in the story rather than feeling a bit monotonous. The Everything I Never Told You: A Novel Audiobook is difficult to pass due to the twists and turns which are included in the story. Moreover, the story revolves around the prejudices which people often have about Chinese Americans. Thus, in between a murder mystery, such a unique subplot just adds to the entertainment factor.

Moreover, in the end of the author also highlights what made her write this book and what was her inspiration while writing this book. This is definitely worth the read as well. This helps you better understand how the story was crafted. All in all, rather than thinking that this is just a murder mystery, you should give it a listen and you will be able to realize for yourself why it is much better as compared to just any other murder mystery. You can easily discover Everything I Never Told You: A Novel Audiobook online and begin unravelling this murder mystery today.

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  • I absolutely loved this book, although it did leave me feeling quite melancholic. It really immerses you in the narrative, making you feel as if you are experiencing the events firsthand. It serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact that generational and interracial biases can have on individuals and families.
  • The book has a beautiful story at its core, but it gets bogged down by unnecessary and never-ending explanations. Each chapter offers some interesting and captivating information, but it's overshadowed by excessive scene-setting and character background, making it hard to find. You could zone out for 15 minutes, and the author would still be describing someone's feelings towards eggs (yes, this actually happens). While there may be symbolism in the egg, I constantly found myself thinking, "Can you just get to the point already??" It becomes quite a struggle. I even started increasing the speed of the narration, which is something I rarely do, just to endure all the pointless descriptions. If the book were trimmed down to about half its length, it would have been much more emotionally powerful and meaningful.
  • Since there was a lot of buzz about this book in my book club, my expectations were pretty high. The plot is definitely heartbreaking, yet relatable, but the way the story was narrated didn't quite enhance it. I can't help but wonder if reading the book instead would have given me a different perspective. I'm glad I read it, but I'm not entirely convinced that I would personally recommend it.
  • I found 'Everything I Never Told You' to be quite slow-paced, and it didn't quite match up to the expectations set by other reviews I had come across. It's not necessarily a bad book, but it isn't something I would pick up for a second read. Honestly, I feel like I could have skipped this one.
  • The narration of 'Everything I Never Told You' was quite challenging to endure. The way certain words were emphasized and the abrupt endings to words gave off a rather pretentious vibe. Moreover, there were instances where certain tones in the narrator's voice caused a buzzing sound in my vehicle's speakers. I had a feeling within an hour of starting the audiobook that it would be a struggle to get through, but I persevered and managed to finish it.
  • When I first picked up this book, I didn't have any particular expectations. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and allure of the narrative, which tugged at my emotions in various ways. The story itself shed some light on the experiences of an interracial family during the 70s, providing me with valuable insights. I'm eagerly looking forward to delving into more of the author's works.
  • If it weren't for my book club, I probably wouldn't have bothered finishing this book. I found myself invested in Marilyn, the mother, and occasionally in the children, but I never truly cared for James, the father. I felt like his choices were just too predictable, fitting the typical silent type stereotype. He never surprised me, and it took him way too long to come to realizations that were obvious to everyone else. The narration didn't help either; I found it jarring. I would have imagined the characters' speech differently than how the narrator emphasized it. Despite all of this, the main reason I'm giving this book an average three-star rating is that it had the potential to bring hope, but instead, it focused on everyone's misery. It's not that I have a problem with misery in a story, but I have a problem when there's no reason for it—and that's how this book felt to me. It was frustrating to see characters who could easily solve their problems with a simple conversation.
  • Usually, I'm a fan of her books, but this one had a writing style that was way too flowery for my taste. I constantly found myself fast-forwarding by 15 seconds just to get to the main point. Moreover, I didn't feel any emotional connection to the characters, so in the end, I gave up and marked it as finished because I couldn't handle sitting through lengthy and unnecessary descriptions when I didn't even care about the outcome.
  • Celeste Ng's writing is absolutely stunning, with a talent for crafting deep and relatable characters that I couldn't help but become emotionally invested in. Her vivid descriptions effortlessly transport you into the story, immersing you in the lives of the characters and their surroundings. The themes explored in the book, such as love, family, and the complexities of childhood, are thought-provoking and delve into the depths of human experiences. However, it's important to note that this story is overwhelmingly melancholic, with a constant stream of sadness and loss that can weigh heavily on the reader. Although the ending does offer a glimmer of hope, the overall impression is that life can be profoundly burdensome. This novel is not your typical light and breezy summer read, but rather one that is best savored during the contemplative autumn months, when you can cozy up under a blanket by the fire.
  • EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU by Celeste Ng pronounced_ing . Rarely read a book where I thought each of the characters were well developed. Felt like I knew these fictional characters. Quick read but enjoyable.
  • i read Little Fires Everywhere & loved it!! Have you read her other book, Everything I Never Told You? Also really good. I do have Goodreads but i need to make use of it more often.
  • Just finished Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. I did not think I could like a pronounced_ing book more than Everything I Never Told You, but this one was just as lovely, if not more so. Read this book now, y'all! She's my favorite writer right now!
  • Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan was really good read. I really enjoyed House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz too if you like Conan Doyle. Reservoir 13 Jon McGregor was cracking. Everything I Never Told You Celeste Ng. The Song Of Achilles Madeline Miller just gorgeous.
  • Favorite book ever? Boys in the Boat. Best reads of last year: Hillbilly Elegy, 10% Happier, Everything I Never Told You. Best books so far this year: Educated and Female Persuasion
  • I just finished Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. Fabulous book with a unique look at families and a brilliant story line! Quite dark and brooding. Well worth a read xx
  • THUNDERSTRUCK by elizmccracken; EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU by pronounced_ing; THE QUEEN OF THE NIGHT by alexanderchee; & SUNBURN by LauraMLippman. Plus, bonus book: Jane Hirschfield’s NINE GATES: ENTERING THE MIND OF POETRY.
  • Jenni, one of our Library Assistants, has just finished Everything I Never Told you by Celeste Ng. cardmadfairy tells me it's a great read about the tragic effect of parental hopes and expectations on a family's eldest daughter