Fairest: The Lunar Chronicles – Levana’s Story Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Fairest: The Lunar Chronicles - Levana's Story by Marissa Meyer

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Mirror, mirror on the wall,



  • I didn't have any prior knowledge about the release schedule of the books, so I had high hopes that this book would provide a satisfying conclusion to the story. Unfortunately, I was let down when I discovered that a significant portion of the book was dedicated to character development for one specific character, along with an early preview of the first three chapters of book four. While the character development is valuable, it felt like the publisher was trying to capitalize on the series by stretching it into five books instead of the originally planned four.
  • I absolutely adore this story and its plot, but I must say I was let down by the fact that this entire book solely focused on Levana's backstory, taking place fourteen years before the events of the first book. I was super excited to see the main storyline progress. As I kept reading, I grew increasingly irritated with Levana's character. Personally, I would have preferred her story to be more concise.
  • While I appreciated the valuable perspective on Lavana's backstory, I must admit that I found it challenging to fully engage with the book. It became evident that Lavana's character is heavily influenced by the world she inhabits.
  • The story lived up to what I expected, except for one thing. It's got a more "grown-up" vibe in terms of content, but it's not explicit sexually. I'd say this book is best suited for adults. However, even without this aspect, the story stands strong because the entire series is cleverly crafted and flows smoothly. Can't wait for Winter!
  • Man, let me tell you, this audiobook starts off with some seriously hauntingly beautiful music that grabs your attention right from the beginning. And let me just say, by the time you reach the end, you'll be completely creeped out by how insane Levana is. The narration is top-notch, my friend.
  • Ever wondered what goes on inside the twisted mind of a psycho? Well, this book gives you a taste of that. I must say, it was quite unsettling and didn't really add much to the overall series. The writing was solid and the performance was top-notch, but personally, I couldn't bring myself to enjoy it.
  • Rephrased: Listened for Fun (the service) Overall Rating: 4.00 Story Rating: 4.00 Character Rating: 4.00 Audio Rating: 4.50 First Impression after Finishing: Fairest by Marissa Meyer is a must-read addition to the Lunar Chronicles series! Overall Thoughts: Did I feel sympathy for L after this story? Not really! Although her backstory did evoke some pity. She is driven solely by her own desires, displaying a strong tunnel vision (it may not be a legit term, but it captures her mindset perfectly). Did I enjoy learning about her history? Absolutely! Marissa Meyer did a fantastic job of illustrating the complexity of even the most villainous characters. They may have additional layers of evil, but they are indeed layers! Did I appreciate the sneak peek at Winter? You betcha! I can't wait to delve into it, although I'll have to do a complete re-listen closer to the release date of the final book. Audio Thoughts: Narrated by: Rebecca Soler / Length: 6 hrs and 36 mins Rebecca Soler's narration throughout the series is outstanding. The only book I didn't listen to on audio was Cress, and I genuinely missed Rebecca's voice while reading it. She brings depth and emotion to Marissa Meyer's exquisite writing. If you haven't experienced these books in audio format yet, I highly recommend giving them a go! Now We Wait