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Faking It

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Publishers Weekly (starred review) raves "Crusie charms with her brisk, edgy style..." Kirkus (starred review) of Crusie's latest, New York Times bestselling Fast Women states "Move over, Susan Isaacs. Crusie is just as smart and sassy about the things a woman has to do to make love work, and a lot funnier to boot." Reformed art forger Tilda Goodnight reluctantly joins forces with semi-reformed con man Davy Dempsey to steal a dubious painting and several million embezzled dollars from a lethal widow named Clea who has targeted a mild-mannered art collector as her next dearly departed. Complications include her sister, the female impersonator; his best friend, the reformed cat burglar; a recidivist embezzler named Rabbit; a hit man, some lousy sex, and a juke box. Trouble ensues...


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  • Right off the bat, the book got on my nerves. Harlow totally loses it on some random dude when they first cross paths - seriously, who does that? This attractive fella is definitely not the sort of guy your mom would approve of, but Harlow's mom keeps urging her to give him a chance. Who's got a mom like that? All I could think was, people just don't behave this way!
  • Personally, I am exhausted by the portrayal of alpha arrogant male characters that are intended to be attractive but end up being dismissive, insulting, and condescending towards women. Additionally, the female protagonist (h) in this story is portrayed as extremely weak, despite being repeatedly insulted, yet she still falls head over heels in love and becomes infatuated with the aforementioned male character (H). I have never been a fan of this trope and have always found it disappointing when women authors repeatedly publish stories with such dynamics. It has simply become stale and unappealing. Moreover, the plot of this book was a lengthy journey that ultimately led to a predictable and unsatisfying conclusion, which left me feeling unfulfilled. To make matters worse, I find Erin Mallon's narration to be often grating and challenging to listen to, and she narrated a majority of this book. Therefore, for me, this was mostly a frustrating experience to read (or listen to).
  • I say pay attention... I mean to the book. I think in the first half of the first cd you are introduced to about 20 different characters and each of their back histories. The story was good, but not only were there all the different characters, several of them have other names, or named personalities, or nicknames. But like I said the story was good, it was well narrated, worth the 10 cds... and the story did manage to stretch the whole 10 cds, there was no fluff cds or closer, it was all story line.
  • I have to agree with Anonymous. The number of characters with alter egos introduced in beginning of the story was a little rattling. Once I figured out who was who and warmed up to the characters, I enjoyed trying to figure out who was coning who. When I think I have someone figured out the story takes a sharp turn and keeps me guessing. Fun ride!