From Lukov with Love Audiobook Mariana Zapata [Free Download]

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From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

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From Luklov with Love Audiobook by Mariana Zapata is a romantic novel based on the lives of Jasmine Santos and Ivan Luklov- the two protagonists in the novel. The story is interesting as it is based on the life of figure skaters. The novel is chiefly about Jasmine Santos she is half Filipino and a figure skater. She is not doing too well in her career. She is also on the decline and is reaching the end of her figure skating career. She has lots of inherent talent and skill which she does best to channelize to better her career. She somehow chokes when she is faced with competition and unable to emerge as victorious.

On the other hand, there is Ivan Luklov who is just the opposite of Jasmine. He is successful and has won many accolades in his career. He dominates the pairs skating and Jasmine cannot stand him a bit.

Jasmine is stubborn and sometimes difficult to get along with. When she is paired with Ivan Luklov to compete, it may be her last chance at winning and she is determined to make any sacrifices to come out as victorious, even if she has to pair up with Luklov-someone she strongly dislikes. The novel has a compelling plot of two rivals teaming together to achieve a shared goal. The remainder of the novel is about how the two of them team together in their journey and the budding relationship which develops between them.


From Luklov with Love Audiobook by Mariana Zapata is a heartwarming romantic novel. The premise of the novel is interesting and intriguing. The author has gone to great lengths to develop the character of both the protagonist. The readers will be able to relate to the characters of Jasmine and Luklov. The verbal spats between Jasmine and Luklov are nicely depicted by the author.

The romance between both of them has been beautifully portrayed by the author. The narrative is simple and yet powerful. The readers will be engaged in the plot until the end and will root for both Jasmine and Luklov. This is a well-written romance novel and is recommended for readers having interest in the romance genre.