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Jude Deveraux, the dazzling New York Times bestselling author of Wild Orchids delivers a passionate yuletide tale sure to become a classic for every holiday season.



  • I’ve read several Jude Deveraux books which I liked (A Knight in Shining Armor, the Velvet series, etc.) and was horribly disappointed in this one. Romance is not just about sex, and when the protagonists had sex before even knowing each other’s names . . . well, I packed this book up and sent it back. It was just not worth my time.
  • Its a great book for the commute! The characters are great, but the story (as in most romances) are predictable. The sex scenes are a bit steamy, and the characters tension is so typical of a romance novel, but as I said.. its great to escape! I accidentally rented it twice, and loved listening to it the 2nd time around.
  • This was like hearing a girls night out, too much to drink, fantasy. It was unrealistic and filled with gratuitous sex. Let me paint the picture for you...girl falls into a pit, girl takes off her clothes to increase her chances of an escape from the pit, girl is found by boy, moments later girl and boy have sex in a car, boy and girl then introduce themselves.