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Ink Mage

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Nineteen-year-old Rina Veraiin is not your typical duchess. Beautiful, smart, and outspoken, she is also deadly with a sword and can outride any horseman—skills that will come in handy when her peaceful home city, Klaar, falls without warning into enemy hands.



  • I had a great time reading this book. The unique take on magic and sorcery using tattoos was a fantastic surprise. It would be super cool if they turned this book into a video game. I think it would be a fascinating experience.
  • The story's concept is solid and the plot is engaging, however, it reads like a young adult adaptation of Game of Thrones and other similar ice and fire books, complete with gratuitous sex scenes that contribute nothing to the narrative. It simply feels contrived. I'm curious about the characters' fates, but I won't be acquiring any more books from this series or author.
  • I really enjoyed this novel. The adventure and story was riveting, leaving me wanting more. The narrator brought the characters to life. I can hardly wait for the next chapter in Rena's story.
  • The core story is pretty good. The tattoo magic in innovative and exciting. However, to me, I felt the extra fluff was really irrelevant and irritating. The innuendos and detailed gore makes me question the authors need to express himself in such a way. The reader was clear, but to me sounded clipped and limited on her imagination.