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Ink Mage

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Nineteen-year-old Rina Veraiin is not your typical duchess. Beautiful, smart, and outspoken, she is also deadly with a sword and can outride any horseman—skills that will come in handy when her peaceful home city, Klaar, falls without warning into enemy hands.



  • I really enjoyed this novel. The adventure and story was riveting, leaving me wanting more. The narrator brought the characters to life. I can hardly wait for the next chapter in Rena's story.
  • The core story is pretty good. The tattoo magic in innovative and exciting. However, to me, I felt the extra fluff was really irrelevant and irritating. The innuendos and detailed gore makes me question the authors need to express himself in such a way. The reader was clear, but to me sounded clipped and limited on her imagination.