John Carter in ‘A Princess of Mars’: Barsoom Series, Book 1 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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John Carter in 'A Princess of Mars': Barsoom Series, Book 1 by Edgar Rice Burroughs

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In this landmark of science fiction, Civil War veteran John Carter is transported to a dying planet, where he must face giant green barbarians to rescue a Martian princess.



  • This audiobook, 'John Carter in 'A Princess of Mars': Barsoom Series, Book 1', explores a world filled with deep-rooted prejudices and centers around a protagonist who is deeply entrenched in them, with some subtle nuances. Mr. Carter, however, may come across as uninteresting, as he seems to possess an excessive sense of righteousness, constantly reshaping the culture and foundation of Mars without facing any significant challenges or personal growth. While not everything he does is negative, there is a distinct absence of struggle in his journey. Fortunately, the story progresses at a rapid pace, almost like traveling at the speed of light. This speed is so exhilarating that it creates the illusion that John spent only a few weeks on Mars, when in reality, his adventure spanned a decade. The vivid and captivating descriptions of the people, creatures, technology, and landscapes of Mars make it clear that if the narrative had focused solely on the events unfolding on Mars, it would have been a truly exceptional experience. This imaginative aspect alone makes it worthwhile to delve into this novel, either by reading or listening to it. The contrasting treatment of Arizona natives versus the Martians is perplexing and leaves one wondering if the author intended to convey a deeper message. Was John meant to undergo personal growth and learn from these disparities?
  • Having watched the movie and being captivated by the plot, I couldn't resist getting my hands on this book. And let me tell you, it did not let me down. Admittedly, there were some moments and sections that stretched the limits of believability or seemed overly drawn out, but the conclusion packed a real punch that left me emotionally moved.
  • The narrator of 'John Carter in 'A Princess of Mars': Barsoom Series, Book 1' bores me to tears every single time. Their delivery sounds monotonous and their emphasis on certain words feels forced and strange.
  • Burroughs is among the pioneers of science fiction from the early 20th century. Originally published in 1912 as a serialized story, this book showcases the forward-thinking mindset of that era. It cleverly blends elements of a romance, a military thriller, and a technological exploration. The narrative incorporates ideas about Mars prevalent at the time, while also presenting a futuristic vision that was extrapolated from those concepts. This captivating story can be classified as a space opera by contemporary standards, and is definitely a worthwhile read or listen.
  • I really liked the storyline, but I believe it mainly resonated with a generation that is no longer in touch with the current times. The concept of war portrayed with a peculiar sense of moral ambiguity throughout the book is rooted in a fading macho culture. However, aside from that, I found it decent. Although, I won't personally invest any more time in the author's other works.