Killing Reagan Audiobook by Bill O’Reilly [Free Download by Trial]

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Killing Reagan

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Killing Reagan by Bill O’Reilly, Martin Dugard is the fifth book written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard in their famous Killing series. The book was published in 2015. The authors do a fine job of portraying the life of Ronald Reagan. The different phases of his life starting from when he was a Hollywood sensation then following his life as he became the governor of California and ultimately the President of the United States has been nicely depicted.

Tha majority of the book is based on the assassination attempt of Ronald Reagan. On 31st March 1981 John Hinckley a loner fired six shots outside the Washington Hilton, seriously injuring members of United States Secret Service and other important government officials. One of the bullets hit Ronald Reagan in the chest. Reagan survived the assassination attempt.

The incident forever changed Reagan’s life and his belief in destiny. He became the mass loving and heroic leader who did his best for this country during the violent and turbulent times of the cold war. The authors also provide an insight into the personal life of Reagan which many would not have known. The book also provides details in length about the antagonist John Hinckley.

The authors describe his troubled past and the motivations which would have led to him committing such a heinous crime. The last part of the book describes how Reagan emerges from this tragic incident and comes back a reinvigorated man to the Oval Office and does some noticeable things for his country.


Killing Reagan by Bill O’Reilly, Martin Dugard received mixed to positive reviews. It topped the New York Bestseller List. The writing of the book is not historical and it is written as a novel. The authors have cleverly edited the narrative and kept things which are pertinent to the readers. The narrative is simple and fluid which keeps the readers engaged till the end.

The authors have done considerable research on the subject which makes the book more genuine. The story is told in a similar manner to the earlier Killing series book and the fans will be able to relate to the narrative. The book is a definite page-turner and must-read for fans of the Killing series and Ronald Reagan.

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