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Knowing Scripture by R. C. Sproul

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The Bible is the written Word of God, and it is treasured by many. But it is also an ancient book about people and cultures very different than us. Thus, while we know we should read it, many of us have a hard time understanding the Bible.



  • I've actually read Knowing God by J. I. Packer a long time ago during my school days. And let me tell you, revisiting it recently was truly inspiring and thought-provoking. Similar to the timeless masterpiece Pilgrim's Progress, Knowing God is an absolute classic that warrants multiple reads. It's packed with solid Biblical truths that resonate deeply. I'm excited to dive into it again, to solidify the blessings it offers and to gain deeper insights into any concepts or examples that might have slipped past me previously.
  • The narrator had a really boring and unexciting tone throughout the audiobook, which made it quite a challenge to get through. However, the content and message of the book itself were actually quite valuable and insightful. Despite that, I wouldn't really suggest giving it a listen.
  • The majority of this book gives off the vibe of an elderly individual expressing discontent towards younger generations, while unfairly making broad generalizations and highlighting himself or his own generation as the superior way to live. Nonetheless, a significant portion of the book is truly outstanding and deserves to be read by everyone. I cannot overlook the author's wisdom, but I do have reservations about his knowledge beyond his chosen profession.
  • The narrator spoke too quickly, making it difficult to comprehend the content of the audiobook. It was a challenge to follow along due to the rapid pace. Additionally, it was frustrating to feel the need to include unnecessary words in this review.
  • If you're looking to understand the Calvinist perspective on Christianity, "Knowing Scripture" is a great choice. Additionally, if you appreciate Tozer's writing style, you might find it interesting to explore his works alongside this book. While Packer's approach is down-to-earth and relatable, Tozer's writing is more poetic and expressive. Reading Packer, Sproul, and Tozer together will truly immerse you in a captivating understanding of God and the profound connection that can be forged with Him.
  • J.I. Packer's work, "Knowing Scripture," explores themes similar to other great books. If you haven't read "Knowing God," I highly recommend it. Additionally, there are other valuable works for Christians to consider. Understanding God as He reveals Himself through scripture allows us to witness His majestic, weighty, and powerful nature. This experience of awe forever transforms us. Thinking biblically about God is the highest form of contemplation we can engage in. This sentiment is echoed in Spurgeon's sermons. For further exploration of Theology Proper, I suggest investing your time in the following works: - "The Attributes of God" by A.W. Pink - "The Existence and Attributes of God" by Stephen Charnock - "A Body of Divinity" by Thomas Watson - "The Knowledge of the Holy" by A.W. Tozer - "The Attributes of God" by Stephen Lawson