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Led Astray

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Jenny Fletcher had selflessly put her needs and dreams behind those of her fiancé, Hal, a man more committed to a cause than to her. On the eve of his departure for Central America, he gave Jenny what she wanted more than anything...one passionate night. It was his final gift. Cage Hendren was the opposite of his brother, Hal, in every way. The black sheep of the family, he was all rough edges, with a soft spot for just one thing: Jenny. But she'd always thought Cage was too wild and reckless...until he showed her a wildness in herself she hadn't known was there. And now that she's been led astray...she couldn't possibly turn back...




  • For an abridged version, it was very thorough. I usually find abridged very lacking but this was not. I enjoyed the storyline. I found Jenny to be refreshing and Cage to be very "real" for lack of a better word. The Hendren parents are annoying to the point where you wish that you could reach out and slap them a few times...especially Sarah. This story really draws you in. The awkwardness of the situation gets and holds your attention. You really feel for the characters...except for the parents. It's a great story about morality, forgiveness, and what happens when you pre-judge someone. Another great job. P.S. Read "The Devil's Own" for an update on Cage and Jenny. To my knowledge, there's no audiobook for that one...although I really do wish that there was.
  • Not bad, but certain parts started to drag. I liked the premise of the book, but Jenny Fletcher has to be a special kind of stupid to not realize what was going on. She should be glad she hooked up with Cage Hendren. She was so stupid that anyone could have led her astray.