Little Fires Everywhere Audiobook by Celeste Ng [Free Download by Trial]

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Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

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Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng was published in 2017. The story is set in the suburbs of Cleveland called Shaker Heights. It is an idealistic and glittering locality with rich and well-off people residing there. The Richardson family owns two houses in Shaker Heights. They live in the bigger and better of the two homes. The other home is in a less affluent section, which she rents out. The Richardsons have four children- Moody, Lexie, Trip, and Izzy. Izzy is a rebel without cause and can be thought of as the black sheep in the Richardson family.

The Richardsons put their second house on rent. The house is little small but Elena Richardson believes that it is located in Shaker Heights which is more than enough for any tenant. The new tenants are Mia Warren and artist and her teenage daughter Pearl. Mia has been traveling from one place to another and not living in one place for long. Does she have any specific reasons for this behavior or is she running away from something or someone? She assures Pearl that this time she will stay put for longer.

Pearl strikes a friendship with the Richardson’s children. The Richardsons are also drawn towards the Warren family, the innocence, and beauty of Pearl and Mia’s intriguing past. In between all this family drama, a case of child custody crops up in the Shaker Heights.

A couple in the locality adopted an abandoned Asian baby. The mother of the baby resurfaces and asks for baby’s custody. The locality is divided with people having different opinions and choosing different sides. Elena Richardson discovers that Mia isn’t what she appears and there is a lot than what meets the eye.


Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng is a well-crafted novel. The different characters have been well fleshed out by the author. The difference in social status and the stark contrast in the lives of Richardsons and Warrens have been nicely captured.

The different aspects of motherhood-surrogacy, abortion, and adoption are beautifully represented by the author. The narrative is well-paced and does not feel rushed. The readers will be feeling different emotions reading the book. It is a must-read for the readers.

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