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Love Anthony

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I'm always hearing about how my brain doesn't work right...But it doesn't feel broken to me. Olivia Donatelli's dream of a "normal" life shattered when her son, Anthony, was diagnosed with autism at age three. He didn't speak. He hated to be touched. He almost never made eye contact. And just as Olivia was starting to realize that happiness and autism could coexist, Anthony was gone. Now she's alone on Nantucket, desperate to find meaning in her son's short life, when a chance encounter with another woman brings Anthony alive again in a most unexpected way. In a warm, deeply human story reminiscent of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and Daniel Isn't Talking, New York Times bestselling author Lisa Genova offers us two unforgettable women on the verge of change and the irrepressible young boy with autism whose unique wisdom helps them both find the courage to move on.


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  • I can't even begin to fathom the immense sadness and heartache that parents endure when they grapple with such a challenging illness. The narrative beautifully portrayed the incredible love and fortitude exhibited by the two leading female characters as they confronted tough circumstances and strived to conquer them.
  • An intriguing story and truly helped me understand a bit more about autism. The narration was a little quiet, the narrator swallowing words and making it difficult to hear until the sound was at maximum. A good read though.