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Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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It starts on a summer evening, with the kind of magic found only in Paris. Once a year in the City of Light, a lavish dinner takes place outside a spectacular landmark-the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame...a new setting each time. Selected by secret invitation, the guests arrive dressed in white, with tables and chairs, white linens, flowers, fine china, sparkling crystal, and an elegant dinner. As the sun sets, thousands of candles are lit. And when the night is over, hundreds of white paper lanterns, each with a flame within, bearing everyone's fervent wishes, are released into the sky. Amid this wondrous White Dinner, a group of close friends stands at the cusp of change.


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  • So many interesting characters well woven together kept me glued to my headphones and made me wish I could be a word traveler. Very easy listening. I’m ready for a white Paris, of course. Great rr candy.
  • At 51 years of age I am new to Danielle Steele's work. I must say I am pleasantly surprised and the story is very well written, narrated and it kept me wanting to continue listening with interest and wonder, eager to hear more. I would recommend this book to all that enjoy exploring a little magic in our lives.
  • I used to read Danielle Steele in my teens and always loved her novels. I am now mid forties and after reading this novel the love has been renewed! I feel even more connected to her characters now that I am older and have life experience.
  • It wasn't great. A typical Danielle Steel and now I know why I stopped reading her in my teens. One big repetitive run on. It was written like it was a rush to finish. Nothing was every really described so not many visuals could be made. The narrator sounded winded or had difficulty breathing and when he spoke on behalf of the women I could only picture them as transvestites. I give it a 2 because it had a Begining and an ending so that's something I guess.