Magpie Murders: A Novel Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Magpie Murders: A Novel by Anthony Horowitz

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From the New York Times bestselling author of Moriarty and Trigger Mortis, this fiendishly brilliant, riveting thriller weaves a classic whodunit worthy of Agatha Christie into a chilling, ingeniously original modern-day mystery.



  • Although the initial idea is solid, the execution falls short. The book is filled with illogical inconsistencies, far-fetched coincidences, and crucial information that is conveniently withheld until the big reveal. If you're seeking an engaging narrative, you might find some satisfaction, but if you're craving a true mystery with a clear resolution, you'll probably end up thoroughly let down.
  • This audiobook is incredibly enjoyable, with two captivating mysteries told through separate yet interconnected storylines. If you're a fan of classic British whodunits, then this is definitely a must-listen. The narration is superb, adding to the overall experience. Despite its lengthy duration of 15 hours, you'll find yourself fully engrossed and unable to stop listening.
  • This murder mystery is far from your typical read. It's on a whole other level! The author and narrators have truly outdone themselves with their fresh approach and flawless execution. Without a doubt, this is the standout work from an exceptionally gifted writer and easily ranks as one of my all-time favorite audiobooks.
  • If you haven't read any books by this author before, I strongly advise against listening to "Magpie Murders: A Novel". Regrettably, I was unaware of this crucial detail. To my dismay, halfway through the book, a second narrator enters the scene and begins dissecting the story, revealing their opinions on the possible culprit, as well as spoiling murders from previous books in the series! It's seriously irritating and has left me feeling extremely frustrated.
  • Anthony Horowitz deserves a big thank you from me. When I was working in a middle school library, I often had boys coming in feeling down because their teacher told them to find a good book. Luckily, I could always count on Horowitz's Alex Rider series to save the day. These books always delivered the fast-paced action and adventure that young readers craved. (Once they finished the series, I would recommend the extraordinary author Gary Paulsen, but that's a different story.) So, you can imagine my excitement when I picked up Magpie Murders, expecting another thrilling plot with plenty of action. The concept of a clever story within a story, paying homage to Agatha Christie, immediately caught my attention, and the beginning didn't disappoint. I thoroughly enjoyed the embedded Atticus Pünd novel and happily kept reading, eager to uncover the culprit. However, it was when the story abruptly returned to the present day with editor Susan Ryeland trying to solve the mystery that things started to lose momentum for me. There were countless pages of Susan talking to every potential suspect, and with each page, I found myself questioning why these people would spill their alibis and personal details to a stranger who knocked on their door. Unlike Miss Marple, Susan Ryeland lacked the investigative prowess and resourcefulness to truly captivate me. Ultimately, my curiosity was the only reason I powered through to the end. In my opinion, this book could have greatly benefited from tighter editing and less cleverness. Agatha Christie's plots and characters were intelligent and astute, but Magpie Murders attempts to inject wit through anagrams, name-dropping, and an excess of red herrings. If Mr. Horowitz ever writes more novels in the Atticus Pünd series, I would be interested in reading them. However, I believe that focusing on one well-written storyline at a time would result in a more satisfying read.
  • I really enjoyed this book, and it's actually like having two books in one. I've been listening to Michael Robothom's detective books, which are fantastic, but the crimes can be a bit heavy, so I was looking for something lighter. Mr. Horowitz did a fantastic job paying tribute to Agatha Christie and other similar authors in the first book, which is set in 1955 but written by a modern-day author who is the main character in the second book. I don't want to give away too much and spoil it, but this was definitely worth the credit. It's a lengthy and intricate story, and it's narrated by two excellent narrators. I would definitely recommend it.
  • I had a great time diving into this captivating book that presents a mystery within a mystery. The first mystery takes place in a quaint village, reminiscent of Agatha Christie's style, where an unpleasant aristocrat is murdered, leaving everyone as a potential suspect. The second mystery revolves around the death of a successful but disliked author, which is either a murder or a suicide. Both stories are engrossing and keep you guessing until the end with believable solutions.