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Memory Man by David Baldacci

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Memory Man Audiobook by David Baldacci revolves around the protagonist of the book goes by the name of an Amos Decker. His life story has seen 2 tragic incidents both of which are highlighted in this book.

The 1st instance was when he went pro as athlete only to meet a helmet to helmet collision in his very 1st game. Due to a side effect of the collision, he might not be able to take the field ever again. Thus, he is not able to forget anything as a result of the side effect.

Nearly 2 decades later, he is now a police detective leading the ordinary life until 2nd Treasury shakes him to the core. One evening, when he returns to his home, he find is that his entire family comprising of his wife, as well as young daughter and his brother-in-law, has been murdered. This incident has a profound impact on him and he feels the entire world collapsing around him. He resigns from his job of a police officer and ends up on the street.

A year after the tragedy, one man, confesses to the crime. The police force asks him to step in to help with the investigation. Owing to his photographic memory, he is able to piece together the events of that evening and find out what exactly happened to his family. During the investigation, he is confronted with various events and memories from his past life which he has tried to forget for so long.


Memory Man Audiobook incorporates some real-life aspects as well as some fictional aspects of the protagonist to give us a thrilling premise. The book is not only fast-paced but also has plenty of small plots which will keep you interested. All through the book, the author mixes the fictional ability of the protagonist to remember each and everything in detail with his real-life character pretty well. At times, you almost forget that Amos Decker is a fictional character. This touch of realism to the fictional story is what makes the book interesting.

At the start of book the fictional power of the protagonist to remind each and everything in such greater detail can be difficult to accept. However, as the book progresses, you just realize that the protagonist is able to interweave this power with the rest of the story pretty seamlessly. Other than this credibility issue, it is a gripping tale of crime investigation which can give other books in the niche a run for their money. Memory Man Audiobook online has also garnered raving reviews from the readers as well as listeners.

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