Storm of Lightning: Michael Vey, Book 5 Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Storm of Lightning: Michael Vey, Book 5 by Richard Paul Evans

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The fifth book in the Michael Vey series takes Michael, Taylor, Ostin and the rest of the Electroclan on their most dangerous mission yet. With the resistance movement compromised, the Voice in hiding, and their families missing, the Eletroclan will need to pull together if they're to defeat the Elgen.



  • I'm stoked that Fred Burman is back narrating! He's an incredible talent!! These stories are packed with depth and he elevates them to a whole new level with his amazing performance.
  • I found 'Storm of Lightning: Michael Vey, Book 5' to have a darker tone, with the electroclan portrayed as more vindictive and vengeful. The way the reader portrayed Nichelle and McKenna's voices was terrible and even gave me the creeps. However, I appreciated that the reader pronounced the island name correctly, unlike in the previous book. Overall, this was my least favorite book in the series.
  • I was so inspired by this series that I actually came up with my own M.E.I and now I possess incredible lightning abilities. It's like having a surge of power at my fingertips.
  • Just like the rest of the Vey series, "Storm of Lightning: Michael Vey, Book 5" is another fantastic read. However, this installment takes a darker turn compared to the previous books, with some rather gruesome scenes involving the removal of ears and tongues. Overall, it's an exciting and intense addition to the series that'll keep you hooked. Thumbs up! Plus, I absolutely loved the heartfelt moments and the strong Ukrainian pride depicted in the story. 🙌❤️🇺🇦
  • The books contained an abundance of graphic violence, which detracted from the overall story. Richard Paul Evans has always been a talented writer, but in this particular series, the level of gore was excessive. Disturbing scenes such as mice devouring people trapped in cages were depicted, and the mere idea of it is quite gruesome. I would strongly advise against allowing children to listen to these books, as they are likely to experience nightmares. As for preteens and teens, careful consideration should be given to their individual personalities and whether they can handle such graphic content. This series combines elements of horror and adventure, which may appeal to those who enjoy that genre, but I personally did not expect this level of horror from Richard Paul Evans. Each book in the series progressively became more brutal and disturbing.