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Mind Prey

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It was raining when Andi left the parent-teacher meeting with her two daughters, and she was distracted. She didn't notice the red van parked beside her, or the van door slide open. The last thing she did notice was the hand reaching out from her and the menacing voice from the past.


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  • This villain is seriously twisted. He snatches a woman along with her two kids. Davenport and his team are in a frantic race against time to rescue them. It's a nail-biting experience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The emotions run high throughout the gripping storyline. And let's not forget the burning question: will Davenport finally pop the question and ask Weather to marry him?
  • Every single book by John Sandford is, in my opinion, absolutely fantastic. And Mind Prey definitely lives up to these high expectations. This thrilling crime novel seamlessly continues the story from where Night Prey left off, following Lucas Davenport on yet another exhilarating adventure. And just like the other books in Sandford's Prey series, it leaves nothing to the imagination. If you haven't read any of the previous Prey books, be aware that the explicit language and graphic plot might put you off. However, in my view, it's these raw, uncensored details that make the story feel so authentic. There are no tired plot clichés or lucky coincidences here – just a deputy chief, his team, and a whole bunch of compelling clues. Mind Prey is a gripping thriller that you won't be able to tear yourself away from, and you'll feel a pang of sadness when you finally have to. It delves deep into the minds of a psychopath and a detective, seamlessly intertwining their stories in the unique way that only Sandford can.
  • I'm a big fan of this series, but this one stood out to me. The suspense throughout the story, with the unknown outcome of who would survive and who wouldn't, was exceptionally well done. One of the aspects I appreciate about Lucas is that despite being a skilled detective, he doesn't have all the answers handed to him. He and his team have to put in the effort to uncover them. Sandford doesn't just magically provide solutions out of nowhere. I couldn't help but laugh when Lucas was playing around with Weather's ring. It's amusing how he can be tough on the criminals yet so gentle with Weather. As always, Mr. Ferrone does an excellent job narrating these books. I'm thrilled to see that he's the one narrating all the available titles. Now, if only the service could fill in the missing ones...