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Mount Dragon

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Guy Carson is a brilliant scientist at GeneDyne, one of the world's foremost biochemical companies. When he is transferred to Mount Dragon, GeneDyne's high-security genetic engineering lab, his good fortune seems too good to be true. Carson soon finds that it is. He learns that GeneDyne geneticists are tinkering with a common virus with an eye on the enormous profit to be had from a cure for the flu. Their cure involves permanently altering DNA in humans, and Carson's job is to stabilize the virus. But Carson starts to wonder if this is justifiable, even for the most noble medical cause. Altering genes is a risky job, and the possibility of creating another killer virus is very real. What's more, Mount Dragon harbors another secret that puts the world at horrifying risk.


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  • The book started off slow and the production wasn't very good. I started wondering if I had made a mistake in getting this book. The reader was not very good and when he spoke softly I couldn't hear what he was saying. However, as the book went on I guess I got used to the reader and the book turned out to be very good. I enjoyed it.