1984: New Classic Edition Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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1984: New Classic Edition by George Orwell

The readers can download 1984: New Classic Edition Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Orwell's 1949 tale of one man's resistance to a dystopian Britain of the future, a society characterised by surveillance and strict regulation of its members' every action and thought.



  • Are the ideas in this book more aligned with the left or the right? To truly understand and enjoy it, it's important to put aside your political biases and delve into this tale of relentless tyranny. It's a chilling thought that anyone could ever endure such a nightmarish existence, causing us to reflect on how certain aspects of our own political beliefs might potentially lead us down a similar path. It's not a matter of left versus right when it comes to descending into such a dystopia; it's the dangerous and unquestioning animosity towards those on the opposing side. Do you prioritize the well-being of society as a whole or are you solely focused on your own political party?
  • I absolutely loved listening to Simon Prebble's narration of 1984 in the New Classic Edition. Prebble truly brings the characters to life and creates a captivating "theater of the mind" experience that rivals actually reading the book. Even after over 60 years since its initial publication, the story remains incredibly relevant and thought-provoking. It's a dark, fascinating, and sometimes even scary tale that is highly entertaining. I cannot recommend it enough. So go ahead and enjoy!
  • The narration is absolutely spot-on. And I'm not just referring to the flawless pronunciation, but also to the incredible level of emotion that can send shivers down your spine while you're immersed in this audiobook.