Norse Mythology Audiobook by Neil Gaiman [Free Download by Trial]

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Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

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Norse Mythology Audiobook by Neil Gaiman is a retelling of several stories from Scandinavian tradition about the Nordic Gods and legends with the magic touch of the famous storyteller applied by the author as he has done with previous work in comics and books. Always fascinated with ancient mythology which has helping crafting amazing fictional stories; Neil Gaiman turns his attention to one of this antique beliefs: the Norse Mythology. Taken stories traditionally from their sources, Gaiman provides them the novelistic touch they deserve. The book deals with the origin of the nine worlds, going through the existence of deities, dwarfs and giants to end it with the Ragnarok, the fall of the gods and the resurgence of a new time and people.

Gaiman remains faithful to the myths and represent the characters with vivid and attractive features. On the pages of this book, Odin, Thor, and Loki – to mention a few – moves around them with the author’s clever and entertaining style. The fights, deceptions, tricks the gods played to each other are well represented giving them a new fresh look.


Norse Mythology Audiobook by Neil Gaiman is a book published originally printed in February 2017 with the audiobook being released at the same month. Inspired by old ancient stories from Nordic origin, the book has been considered by fans of the author as an excellent retelling of these stories giving them a novel treatment, turning these tales into a fresh approach for those who are interested in this sort of mythology and people who are getting involved for the first time in the Nordic Gods and legends.

The material was the categorized as the Best Book of February 2017 by the website Amazon and it has gained general favorable reviews from critics and readers alike.


What is your review of Neil Gaiman\'s new book Norse mythology?

I’m about two and a half hours into the audiobook—which is read by Gaiman—and I swear it is the best voice performance I’ve ever heard (maybe second-best, following Tom O’Bedlam reading Bukowski). So far, the quality of the content is at a steady A+. This is probably because I’ve never read the Elder Edda or any of the original Norse myths, so this has been somewhat of an entry-point for me. If you are in a similar position, I can’t imagine you would regret reading/listening to this book. Perhaps listening is better in this case: not only is Gaiman’s delivery on point, but these stories began as an oral tradition, so there is something poetic about discovering them through the spoken word.

What is your favorite Neil Gaiman’s work, and why?

For me it’s definitely American Gods. The ocean at the end of the lane and Anansi Boys are tied for the second place.

The characterization in American Gods is absolutely delightful. Like his other books every character in American Gods is detailed and somehow provides depth to the story. Some say that American Gods is pointless and doesn't make any sense; even if doesn't, it’s still entertaining and you\'ll want to read it again.

The imagination of Gaiman is out of this world, forgotten gods versus modern gods, the war between them and it captures the imagination of reader as well. The most important thing is to write about them in about 700 pages requires a lot of hard work and extraordinary amount of talent.

American Gods is the Bible of fiction and fantasy.

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