Once Upon a Prince Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Once Upon a Prince: The Royal Wedding Series, Book 1 by Rachel Hauck

The readers can download Once Upon a Prince: The Royal Wedding Series, Book 1 Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck is the first book in the royal wedding series by the bestselling author. It feels like a modern-day romantic fairy tale. Susanna Truitt did not have any aspirations of a great romance. She just wanted to marry the man whom she loved for twelve years. However, things do not go as planned for her. Her high-school love the Marine officer breaks up with her. Susanna is shattered and starts to slowly rebuild her life. She leaves her job and becomes an independent landscape architect and leaves herself to God's will.

Prince Nathaniel never expects to find the love of his life during his American holiday to St. Simon’s Island. He has his duties and the tense situation in the family has resulted in choosing a bride for him. He meets Susanna under the Lover’s Oak and falls in love with her.

Susanna and Prince Nathaniel are two completely different personalities. Their worlds are diametrically opposite to each other and they do not share anything in common. However, when Susanna receives the invitation to Prince Nathaniel’s coronation, her life changes dramatically. Prince Nathaniel soon becomes the King of Brighton Kingdom. However, Susanna and Nathaniel have to overcome laws in order to be together.


Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck is a light and easy read. It is inspired by the Kate and William’s story of an outsider marrying in the royal family. The scenes and events have been elaborated in details by the author which results in a visual image of the plot by the readers. It is easier to relate to the characters. Hauck has detailed out the characters successfully. In addition to the main characters, the supporting characters have also been described in detail.

The author has portrayed the characters and their emotional upheaval and interplay in a beautiful manner. The plot does become predictable sometimes, but it still remains an enjoyable read. The plot and the story of the audiobook are good and keep the readers engaged and interested. However, the audiobook could have been crisper than its actual length. Overall, the author successfully captures the attention of the readers and delivers an audiobook for all ages.