Overcoming Emotional Abuse Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Overcoming Emotional Abuse by Susan Elliot-Wright

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Many women assume that if they're not being physically assaulted by their partner, then they're not being abused. But, this is not always the case. Bullying within a relationship can take many forms, from silence to sarcasm, eroding self-esteem and happiness. Statistics are hard to come by but this often subtle manipulation is common, with some figures suggesting that 30% of women may be affected.




  • If you never had the chance to take a basic Psychology class in high school or college, 'Overcoming Emotional Abuse' could provide you with some valuable insights. However, if you already have a solid understanding of the topic, the content may seem quite basic. Nevertheless, I suggest giving this book a try instead of investing your time and money in therapy. Often, therapists simply repeat the same advice over the span of multiple sessions, leaving you feeling no better and with less money in your pocket.
  • This audiobook, 'Overcoming Emotional Abuse,' offers tough, yet honest information and valuable insights. I found it to be a compelling read that I will definitely revisit. Initially, I felt overwhelmed and confused due to my own emotional turmoil. However, the continuous emphasis on the key objectives helped me gain clarity and brought the overall goals into sharper focus. It's important to remember that healing from emotional abuse is a gradual process, not something that can be rushed like a sprint. It's more like a marathon, requiring patience and time.
  • I already feel a sense of relief, man. This book is great because it gives real-life examples. You know, in my own experiences, all those emotional advice books seemed like they were just full of theories that didn't really apply to my life. But with this book, every line I read, I can totally relate to and see how it applies to me and my relationship.
  • I wish I could dedicate more time to write this review because this book, "Overcoming Emotional Abuse," has impacted me greatly. It was especially powerful to listen to it right after reading "Psychopath Free." I am currently on my own personal journey of recognizing, escaping from, and reflecting on the emotional abuse I experienced as both a child and an adult. Both books provided the validation and resonance that I desperately needed. The first book took a harsher approach, which allowed me to delve into the deeper complexities explored in the second book. I am still in the early stages of my own healing process, and I am incredibly grateful to the author, Jackson, for openly and generously sharing his own experiences. His extensive knowledge of personality disorders, codependency, CPTSD, and psychology in general has been invaluable. It's also worth mentioning that he is a fantastic writer. Thank you, Jackson, for everything.
  • I really wanted to be able to say something positive about this book because I know that many people will buy it based on the author's previous work, which was excellent. Unfortunately, this book turned out to be a huge letdown. The information that could have been helpful for survivors in their healing process was presented in a confusing and incomplete manner. The author attempted to delve deeply into aspects of healing that have already been explored and explained more effectively by others. To put it bluntly, this book is a disappointment. If you've managed to survive a toxic relationship, I highly recommend considering other books such as Dana Morningstar's "The Narcissist Playbook," which has a great section on healing. Additionally, Pete Walker's book on CPTSD is another fantastic choice, along with any of Pia Melody's books. If you struggled through this book, don't worry, it's not your fault. It's simply the fault of the book itself.
  • I gotta say, I'm totally blown away by how the author's perspective has changed since Psychopath Free. This book does a great job of breaking down how they went from being aware of the abuse to practicing mindfulness, accepting themselves, and finding ways to love themselves from the inside out. It's seriously inspiring and freeing to think that we all have the capacity to protect ourselves from abuse and attract healthier relationships without harboring any hatred towards those who have harmed us.