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Own the Moment by Carl Lentz

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When you think of a Christian pastor, you probably don't envision a tattooed thirty-something who wears a motorcycle jacket, listens to hip-hop music, references The Walking Dead and Black Lives Matter in his sermons, and every Sunday draws a standing-room only crowd to a venue normally used for rock concerts-in godless New York City, no less.



  • I'm grateful to God for Carl's book 'Own the Moment'. This incredible piece of literature holds profound insights and provides a pathway to unlock the purpose that God has specifically designed for each individual. The incorporation of authentic real-life anecdotes within this book will undoubtedly challenge your current mindset and inspire you to take action. Personally, I am actively seizing each moment as a direct result of reading this book, and I genuinely believe that anyone who reads it will experience the same transformation. By the way, be sure to opt for the audiobook version as Carl's voice is truly remarkable.
  • Don't judge a book by its cover, and the same goes for Carl Lentz. People often make quick judgments about him, his character, and his ministry without actually reading his words. But in "Own the Moment," you'll find a man who is deeply devoted to Jesus and genuinely cares about both famous and ordinary individuals. He has a passion for the rich and the poor alike, loving anyone that God brings into his path. If you're looking to make the most of every day and live a life filled with purpose, this book is a must-read. So go ahead and grab a copy.
  • Carl absolutely crushed it! I just wrapped up reading "Own the Moment" and I'm already diving back in for a second round. This book is truly captivating, delivering a straightforward and digestible narrative that still manages to offer profound insights. It strikes the perfect balance between humor and sincerity, providing practical and logical perspectives, all rooted in the Bible, to help you navigate your own personal journey and make the most out of every single moment.