Patriot Games Audiobook [Free Download by Trial]

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Patriot Games by Tom Clancy

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It is fall. CIA analyst Jack Ryan, historian and former Marine, is vacationing in London with his wife and young daughter. Suddenly, right before his eyes, a terrorist group launches its deadly attack.



  • This book is absolutely amazing, keeping you engaged and on edge throughout. The audiobook is fantastic, with an enthusiastic narrator who brings the story to life. Just a word of caution, though: listening to it can be so intense that your heart starts racing, and when you take a break, it takes a moment to remind yourself that you're back in reality. 😊
  • If you can handle Scott Brick's exaggerated emotions and less-than-stellar foreign accents, 'Patriot Games' offers a thrilling adventure and an intriguing plot twist. It's a shame that a good book is poorly narrated, but it's worth giving it a shot.