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Persepolis Rising by James S. A. Corey

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Persepolis Rising by James SA Corey is the seventh book in the Expanse Space Opera Series. The Expanse series is one of the most popular space opera in recent times with timely releases every year. The plot of the audiobook starts thirty years after the events of Babylon’s Ashes. Space gunship Rocinante is aging and has become obsolete by current standards. The old gang still do the odd jobs for planetary governments while staying together. The inner planets and belt are at peace which is accepted across the worlds. The relative peace and stability are interrupted when Medina Station receives a message from Laconia colony intimating the return of Martian forces that was in self-imposed exile for a long time.

An ambitious colony world with access to powerful technology is threatening the ring gates that connect 1300 human colonies to the Sol system. The Transport Union is led by the ruthless President Drummer who influences and has control over the ring gates. An advanced protomolecule designed warship from the upstart Laconian empire takes control of the Medina Station, which is the hub of the ring network. The aging gunship Rocinante captained by the famous James Holden is again required to help the Transport Union to defend itself. It is not an easy assignment as Rocinante’s crew has its loyalties tested. They must decide to what extent can they trust Drummer and her agents.

The newly appointed Laconian captain Santiago Singh is unable to manage his idealism and military discipline as the governor of Medina Station and its rebellious population. A second warship is sent to challenge the coalition of Earth-Mars hard-won planets.


Persepolis Rising by James SA Corey is a fast-paced thriller. It has lots of action, great character detailing and many memorable moments. The storyline is riveting and keeps evolving fast which keeps the readers engaged and interested in the plot. The audiobook also delivers on plot-advancement and adds the much-needed momentum which was missing in the earlier installment. The storyline is coherent and moves forward rapidly. The author has been successful in building up to the climax of the audiobook which leaves the readers craving and desperate for the next installment of the series.

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