Petty: The Biography Audiobook by Warren Zanes [Free Download]

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Petty: The Biography by Warren Zanes

The readers can download Petty: The Biography Audiobook for free via Audible Free Trial.


Petty: The Biography Audiobook by Warren Zanes takes the life of the elusive lead singer of The Heartbreakers and transforms it into an exciting and intimate story. As a member of the band Del Fuegos, Zanes met Petty when he was part of the opening act of several concerts given by the rocker and his band.

Years later, Zanes became a University teacher, but continue being linked to the rock-and-roll field by writing articles or books to some artist’s albums. One of those books inspired to Petty to write a song, and the legendary singer-writer invited Zanes to his home to listen to it. There it began a good friendship which led to the petition from Petty to ask Zanes to write his biography. Giving all the freedom to interview anyone he wants, Petty put only one condition: he got to read the whole material when it would be over.

The author interviewed all the members of the band about their times with Petty, the tours and records they made, as well as the relationship they had while they were on the road or at the studio.

Interviewing Petty gave as a result some very moving parts of his life like the physical abuse he suffered at a very young age by his own father. Furthermore, the rock legend opens his heart and talked about his failed marriage, his dependence on heroin, his first days in the music environment on Florida, and how he got together with The Heartbreakers at the time he moved to California. All of these accounts of the artist’s life go along with the process involved in the creation and production of the singer-writer iconic hits such as “Breakdown”, “Refugee”, and “Free Failin’.”

In front of delicious cup of coffee, Zanes was expecting the judgement of Petty about the final product; and in his particular way of saying things, the Heartbreakers leader simply said “This is very good” and that’s how you will enjoy this audiobook with the added attraction of the recorded interview Zane made to Petty during the writing process.


Petty: The Biography Audiobook by Warren Zanes recounts with all the deserved respect the life of one of the most iconic artist of the rock and roll arena. It is a straight and honest account of Petty’s most horrifying moments of life as well as the happiest situations he got through.

For the hardcore fan, as the author being a fan too, praise for the career and the songs written by the artist along his career will be found as well as the dark moments when he was beaten by his father at the very young age of five, and how he found shelter in Rock-and-Roll to escape from this abuse and “giving him ample motivation to throw himself into his songwriting”. All the light and heavy sides of the story are presented with the right tone during the 14 hours that takes to listen to this biography narrated by the own author.

It is a material designed for the fan, but for those who just heard one or another song, at the end of listening to it you will have a more comprehensive view of the artist’s life and work; thus, you will probably write your name on the long list of admirers.

As an advice, while listening to the audiobook, you must play the songs highlighted in it (as a background soundtrack); it will make the experience more memorable.

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